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Institute of Documentary Film’s Activities

Founded in 2001, INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of Central and East European creative documentary film and its wider promotion.

We work closely with Central and East European film directors and producers and provide in-depth development support for their projects as well as international promotion.

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IDFA Forum Delegation

Thanks to the agreement IDF has with the IDFA Industry section, representatives of eight former Ex Oriente Film and East European Forum projects have a chance to visit Europe’s biggest pitching forum. The IDFA Forum takes place November 21 - 23, 2011.

IDFA Forum
November 21 - 23, 2011
Compagnietheater: Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam

Pitch schedule is available online.

Representatives of eight projects have received IDFA festival passes and have been granted a free one-day visit to the IDFA Forum. This opportunity is a unique chance to visit some of the key networking and co-financing events.


Belgrade, Kosovo

Director: Popović Marko
Production company: Samaljot Production, Red Production

Serbia, 90 min, HD, Creative, Current Affairs, Personal View, Portrait, Social Issues

Petar, the world accordion champion and a passionate cyclist, is one of 500.000 young people who have left Serbia in the last decade to escape war and lack of opportunities. Now, he decides to get familiar with Serbia on his bike – he will cycle from north to south, from the capital of Belgrade to the divided city of Kosovska Mitrovica in Kosovo. As we follow his journey, the grotesque, sad, funny and true picture of Serbia unfolds before us.


Bells of Happiness

Production company: Zudro

Zvonky šťastie , Slovak Republic, 80 min, 35 mm, Creative, Drama doc

The pregnant Mariena and her cousin Roman live in a poor Roma settlement in Eastern Slovakia. They have two idols, Czechoslovak pop stars - Karel Gott and Dara Rolins. Mariena and Roman love their songs and lifestyle and so they decide to send them a CD with a video message and a Roma remix of their famous song Bells of Happiness. The film follows the process of creating this video message and captures their everyday life in which the game of changing identities plays a big role.


Citizen K.

Production company: Romeo Films, Trestikova Production

Občan K. , Czech Republic, 80 min, DCP, DVD, Arts and Culture, Creative, Culture, Current Affairs, Personal View, Society

A group of twelve artists are not indifferent to the increasing control on the part of the state. By means of a simple trick with a photograph, each of them has a new ID made, allowing two people to prove their identity by means of a single identity card. The card carries the identity of both its owner and another group member. The group members live, travel, get married and even get a firearms license using these cards. They capture related events on the camera, both hidden and acknowledged one. The project culminates in an exhibition in an improvised gallery. Things get dramatic on the second day as the gallery is suddenly raided by the Czech police who shut the exhibition down and start deconstructing the monument in the gallery centre displaying the identity cards. Unable to prove his identity, one of the group members is arrested on the spot; as if the police were part of the art project, perfectly playing their part. As part of the monument, the identity card cannot be used to prove identity. Obviously, something is going on here; they have trodden on the system's corns.


The Domino Effect

Production company: Otter Films

Poland, 52 min, HD, Adventure and Sports, Creative, Current Affairs, Human Rights, Politics

Can dominoes become a weapon in the struggle for independence? The inhabitants of Abkhazia, a politically unrecognized Caucasian republic, believe so. Domino enthusiasts and Abkhazian patriots are convinced that the huge world championship organized in their country will arouse international interest and will be a huge step on the way to political recognition. We will learn about the true problems of Abkhazia through observation of the sometimes comical and grotesque preparations for the championship and the event itself. The film will also touch upon the traumatic civil war and the political isolation of the country. We will focus on the members of the Abkhazian national domino team as our main characters. Thanks to their domino success they are treated as informal ambassadors of the Republic of Abkhazia. We will also see politicians and average citizens of the capital. As the international championship is a huge milestone in the history of Abkhazia, everybody is excited about it. Is it possible that the Domino World Championship will take their country from political isolation and oblivion? Probably not even the victory of the Abkhazian team would change anything. The true problem of Abkhazia is the absence of peaceful dialogue with Georgia and getting increasingly dependent on Russia that uses the small country as a pawn in its political game. The Domino Effect is a documentary tragicomedy in which sport is extraordinarily intertwined with politics.


Gangster of Love

Production company: Restart, Sub-Cult-Ura Production

Gangster Te Voli , Croatia, Romania, 52 min, Digi Beta, HD, Creative, Drama doc, Society

Gangster of Love is a documentary comedy which points out some serious social issues. The story takes place in the mountainous Balkan region on the historical border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. Our film follows matchmaker Nedjeljko Babic aka Gangster. His life is devoted to helping young men and women from the region to find a soul mate. But lately his job has been more difficult than ever - women do not want to live in villages anymore. When Maya, a young Bulgarian girl, comes to Gangster looking for a new boyfriend, it seems that it will be an easy case for him. But the fact that she is the mother of a 3-year-old, and a foreigner, makes it mission impossible for Gangster - it seems that Croatian guys, no matter how desperate they are to find a woman, do not want a Bulgarian with a child. Her case discloses all the tragic absurdity of the traditional men in modern society: although they are lonely and desperate to find a woman, their stubborn conservatism prevents them in adopting different.


Good Night, White Pride

Director: Begun Daniel
Production company:

Russia, 80 min, HD, Current Affairs, Social Issues

Good Night, White Pride examines various facets of the antifascist movement in contemporary Russia. It provides a glimpse into the inner workings of various antifascist organizations and their members. The underlying subject matter is the shocking advent of fascism in Russia in the recent past and diehard, guerilla-like resistance to it on behalf of a zealous few. Where do the Russian antifascists gather the incredible devotion, determination and audacity necessary for them to persevere? Would a withdrawal from violence they become inherently engulfed in signify advancement for Russian activists or bring about their demise? What are future prospects for the activists themselves and their agenda?


Heralds from the Big World

Producer: Ketkovich Vlad

Посланники большой земли , France, Russia, 52 min, DVD, HD, Anthropology, Creative, Health

How does it feel to float on the ship half a year if you are not a sailor but an ordinary woman with a child back at home? Vika is a nurse at a floating hospital that travels across Siberia, a territory with harsh climate - taiga, swamps and mosquitoes, six months of winter. Oil is being drilled here, that’s why the regional capital Khanti-Mansiysk is a beautiful city, with a modern big hospital, theatre and university. Villages in the area are not so lucky, lacking in infrastructure and basic services. It is only in May when the ice melts that they are accessible by water. Doctors from the big city go on a six-month shift - until the river gets covered with ice again. They travel to patients in the villages, leaving behind their families and comfortable life. Residents in all the villages along the river are waiting. As the ship approaches, the two worlds finally meet - people from the big world and residents of these remote places. What will they take back and what will be left here in the small world?


Jail Team

Production company: Izograph Ltd.

Otbora na zatvora , Bulgaria, 52 min, HD, Society

A film about one man's efforts to overturn the value system of people who, after a bottle of rakia, think that human life is worthless. The story takes place in the Kazichene prison. The characters in the film have been sentenced for attempted murder, theft and assault. Facing them is the psychologist Kalin Gaytandzhiev and two teachers. The aim: for at least one out of 100 people to rise from the gutter.



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