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From April 15 - 20, 2008, Olomouc hosts another edition of Academia Film Olomouc (AFO), a festival dedicated to popular-scientific films and educational programmes. The competition lineup offers 17 international and 15 Czech films. This year's retrospective takes a truly in-depth look at the oeuvre of French director Jean Painlevé. Other events: exhibits of caricatures and photographs, concerts and a number of 3D screenings that will take audiences to the Jurassic period or through the streets of Prague. [photo: Fish'n'Pills, dir. Tereza Tara]

43rd Edition: History and Myths

April 15 - 20, 2008  //  Olomouc, Czech Republic

The festival offers a comprehensive overview of international and Czech films, educational shows and other audiovisual programmes that deal with subjects based in science, popular science or the humanities. The festival provides a platform for the meeting of science and arts. The event is organized by Palacky University in cooperation with the Jihlava IDFF.



Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

Autism: The Musical
theatre hall / 14:00 / Tricia Regan / USA 2007 / 93 min.
The director, Tricia Regan, attends to handicapped children involved in a unique project, a musical with autistic protagonists. Creativity against disease proves to be a show that dissolves sadness.

The lost tomb of Jesus
film hall / 17:00 / Simcha Jakobovici / USA, Canada 2007 / 105 min.
James Cameron produced a both renowned and controversial film about the search for Jesus of Nazareth’s remains. A group of filmmakers attempt to reveal a whole different truth about the circumstances of one of the most important episodes in human history. A Czech festival premiere.


Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

Summer of Dolphins
Mozarteum / 10:00 / Shahar Segal / Israel 2007 / 84 min.
The only way to ensure the dolphins’ survival is their return to open ocean waters. Stress and unexpected losses are complications that both the dolphins and their trainers are faced with in their attempt to succeed in the difficult task at hand.

The Colour of Sound
theatre hall / 17:00 / Vincent Hunter / GB 2007 / 55 min.
A document about the sounds that surround us, natural and cultural sounds, as well as about how sounds have the power to effect the body and soul of each and everyone of us.

In the Name of Roses
theatre hall / 17:00 / Au nom de la rose / Thierry Berrod / France 2008 / 52 min.
With charm and humor Thierry Berrod sets off to gather excrements or roses as he calls them. The film offers a look into alchemists’ laboratories as well as much insight into the modern technologies involved in the processing of stools.

film hall / 22:00 / Bill Guttentag & Dan Sturman / USA 2007 / 88 min.
The night before the Second World War broke out the Japanese military invaded Chinese territory and occupied the then capital city of Nanking, which subsequently set the stage for Japanese military barbarity and horror.


Thursday Apr 17, 2008

Absolute Wilson
film hall / 10:00 / Katharina Otto-Bernstein / Germany 2006 / 105 min. A documentary film about the life of Robert Wilson who has been changing the face of contemporary theatre every since the late 1960s. Talks with his colleagues as well as archived and current footage map out his personal and professional life.

The Hands of Che Guevara
Mozarteum / 14:00 / Peter de Kock / Holland 2006 / 59 min.
Ernest Che Guevara’s body was found beneath an airstrip in Bolivia in 1997. At first it seemed that the mystery of his death was solved, at least until the discovery of the fact that his hands had been amputated.

In Love with Adolf Hitler
Mozarteum / 14:00 / Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle / France 2007 / 71 min.
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun never appeared together in public as a couple and to this day their cohabitation is clouded with uncertainties. The documentary grants its viewers an intriguing look into their private life thanks to family films shot by Eva Braun herself.

Touched by Water
Auditorium Maximum / 17:00 /Tamas Wormser / Canada 2006 / 46 min.
The documentary film emphasizes, through the shooting of unique bathing rituals throughout the world, our general relationship to water. It also mentions several spiritual overlaps pertaining to one of the four elements.

De Motu Cordis
Mozarteum / 17:00 / Mariana Ochoa / Mexiko 2007 / 33 min.
The discovery of blood circulation in the seventeenth century translated into a huge step towards understanding the human body. William Harvey is therefore considered to be one of the most significant English doctors ever.

Primo Levi's Journey
film hall / 22:00 / La Strada di Levi / Davide Ferrario / Italy 2007 / 91 min.
After the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, writer Primo Levi set off to travel across Europe to return to his birth place of Turin. An escapade of thought on historical events and respective individual existence.


Friday Apr 18, 2008

Operating Theatre
Mozarteum / 10:00 / Benoît Rossel / France, Switzerland 2006 / 85 min.
The operating theater can be regarded as a mysterious place where the most feared medical procedures, with unknown outcomes, are performed. Rossel makes connection between the effort’s and humanity of doctors through the visualization of operations and introduces common surgical procedures to the public.

Martin Slivka: The Man Who Planted Trees
theatre hall / 14:00 / Martin Šulík / Slovakia 2007 / 90 min.
An original documentary portrait, created by the most notable Slovakian director, on the life and portfolio of a remarkable Slovakian ethnologist, photographer and filmmaker who captured the best of Eastern European traditions in his poetic pictures.

Lust for Life
theatre hall / 22:00 / Dur Desir de Durer / Bernard Bloch / France 2008 / 52 min.
Why is it that we age? Is there a way to slowdown the aging process? A suggestive film on the unstoppable chronological progression of the life and death cycle.


Saturday Apr 19, 2008

Living and Dying in the Swamp
Mozarteum / 10:00 / Luc Riolon / France 2006 / 52 min.
Observations of the fauna and flora of swamp and aqueous ecosystems as observed by scientists from a boat as well as by microscope that will help solve many mysteries of the resident vegetation.

Spider Game
Mozarteum / 10:00 / Thierry Berrod / France 2007 / 52 min.
Why is it that spiders are among the most hated creatures on our planet? A journey among the eight-legged creatures. The behaviour of these hairy insects in macroscopic detail.



Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

Front Women 
film hall / 20:00 / Fronťačky / Martin Řezníček / CZ 2007
The interpretation of history is guided by the momentary political situation. Martin Řezníček realizes an attempt to demolish certain present controversies in a film that follows the destinies of women on the Eastern Front of World War II.

Traitor or Victim?
film hall / 20:00 / Zrádce nebo oběť? / Petr Lokaj / CZ 2007 / 53 min.
Did the protectorate president Emil Hácha turn traitor on his home country during difficult times or was he in fact a victim of the times himself? The documentary film explores this question and others connected to a controversial figure in Czech history.


Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

A Story of one Renewal
film hall / 10:00 / Příběh jedné asanace / Josef Císařovský / CZ 2007 / 52 min.
The fatal transformation of the town of Louny didn’t only affect its historical center, it also changed the destinies of its residents. A person endangered by others of his own kind.

theatre hall / 14:00 / / Baluty / Pavel Štingl / CZ 2008 / 90 min.
One location, yet thousands of people of past and present left there mark in Lodz. One look into their eyes reveals the tale of history’s cruelty.

Forgotten Transports to Byelorussia
divadelní sál / Zapomenuté transporty / Lukáš Přibyl / CZ 2007 / 86 min.
The Forgotten transports to Byelorussia project was gradually developed in the years of 2000 – 2006 and consists of testimonies of individuals that survived practically unknown concentration camps in Latvia, Byelorussia, Estonia and Eastern Poland.

Thursday Apr 17, 2008

We Are Leaving Paradise
Mozarteum / 10:00 / Opouštíme ráj / Pavel Bezouška / CZ 2007 / 52 min.
A look beyond the borders of protected natural reservation areas unveils the present state of the South American countryside. The documentary concentrates on locations that are not usually subject of movies about nature due to their unattractive character.

God, Let Us Be Well
Mozarteum / 10:00 / Daj bože što je dobro / Jiřina Kosíková, Petr Baran / CZ 2007 / 26 min.
The scenery of ordinary people and ordinary countryside is captured by the cameras of Czech ethnologists. The film offers insight into everyday life in the mountain villages of Eastern and Western Serbia along with its aging population.

Peace with Seals
filmový sál / 17:00 / Mír s tuleni / Miloslav Novák / CZ 2007 / 96 min.
Peace with Seals is an extraordinary viewing experience of peaceful coexistence between seal and man. A feature-length documentary film creation of unique picture poetry produced in the Czech Republic.

Battlefield Titan
film hall / 20:00 / Bitevní pole Titan / Zdeněk Holý / CZ 2007 / 34 min.
A remarkably contemplative film about the essence of the universe. A collage of considerations spanning from astronomy to theology.


Friday Apr 18, 2008

theatre hall / 10:00 / Hormonální akvárium / Tereza Tara / CZ 2007 / 20 min.
“Females know little about the causes, signs and side effects of hormone pill intake. Males lose their sexuality.” The black and white film tells of environmental hormonal pollution.

Mr. Parkinson
theatre hall / 10:00 / Pan Parkinson / Petr Jančárek / CZ 2007 / 26 min.
Coming to terms with a disease that turns one’s life upside down can be done with vast wisdom. A composer of classical music, whose movements have changed to something of a dance creation, wrote parodiable music that compliments the film. Brain surgery and its affects on family life projected on screen.

The Most Popular Czech: Jan Nepomucký
Mozarteum / 17:00 / Nejznámější Čech Jan Nepomucký / Otakáro Maria Schmidt / CZ 2008 / 52 min. Otakár Schmidt’s film concentrates on the life and death of the Czech saint Johánek z Pomuku, or Jan Nepomucký. Of his abilities and deeds that left their mark not only on Czech land, but elsewhere worldwide as well.


Saturday Apr 19, 2008

theatre hall / 10:00 / Natascha von Kopp / CZ 2007 / 52 min.
In the span of a few years, photographer Miroslav Tichý shifted from the peripheries of the photographic world to making huge sales in foreign galleries. The Moravian Diogenes and gentle film voyeur that has the ability to evoke his distinctive and original world.

Dalibor Chatrný: Drawn by the World
theatre hall / 10:00 / Kreslen světem Dalibor Chatrný / Pavel Jirásek / CZ 2007 / 52 min.
A look at the guru of Brno’s modern art scene, who creative talent went long unnoticed. Dalibor Chatrný’s work is a reflection of original ideas realized through experimentation that has no limits.

Jaroslav Šabata´s History
theatre hall / 14:00 / Vít Janeček / CZ 2007 / 52 min.
Jaroslav Šabata is the embodiment of Czech modern history’s paradoxes. He is a former ultra-leftist, a later reformist and is presently a socialist. Needless to say, his political orientation seems to be rather confusing.



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