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Czech lions nominate 5 documentaries

Out of 15 Czech documentaries, five films have been nominated for the 18th Czech Lion Awards. 25 from the 1960s or the Czechoslovak New Wave; Bear Islands, Czech Peace, Katka, and Matchmaking Mayor are the contenders in the documentary category; the Awards will be handed out March 5, 2011.

18th Czech Lion Awards
Nomination ceremony: February 5, 2011
Awards ceremony: March 5, 2011
Lucerna, Prague

At the nomination ceremony, the Film Critics and Theorists Award for Best Documentary Film was presented to Czech Peace by Filip Remunda and Vít Klusák (see details below).


Films nominated for the Czech Lion Awards in the documentary category:

25 from the 1960s or the Czechoslovak New Wave

Director: Šulík Martin
Production company: První veřejnoprávní, Slovak Film Institute, Universal Production Partners, Cinemart a.s.

25 ze šedesátých aneb Československá nová vlna , Czech Republic, 2010, 100 min, 35 mm, Digi Beta, Arts and Culture, Docu Series, Portrait

The two-part documentary feature represents a complex view of the phenomenon of the Czech and Slovak new wave cinema in the cultural, social and political context of the 1960s. The twenty five key films with commentaries of their authors and film historians offer the viewer a dramatic insight into the golden age of Czechoslovak cinema. The two films are a continuation of a TV series of personal portraits called The Golden Sixties which was based on individual interviews with the filmmakers. Unlike the TV series, the films show the Czech and Slovak cinema of the 1960s in its national, international and intergenerational context. (2 x 100 minutes)

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Bear Islands

Director: Ryšavý Martin
Production company: Bionaut Films

Medvědí ostrovy , Czech Republic, 2010, 60 min, HD, Creative, Nature, Reportage, Society

In "Bear Islands", director Martin Ryšavý continues his exploration of subjects related to the Sakha Republic, or Yakutia, Russia's Far Eastern Federal District. The film captures the life of residents in the remotest part of the territory, Nizhnekolymsky Ulus. Bear Islands are located in the East Siberian Sea at the mouth of the Kolyma River. The camera follows park rangers who take care of the nature reserve as they travel to an isolated polar station through the vast space where the past meets the present. A portrait of a landscape, its history and people who inhabit it.

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Czech Peace

Production company: Hypermarket Film, Czech TV, Taskovski Films

Český mír , Czech Republic, 2010, 52 min, 35 mm, HD, Creative, Politics, Society

The story of the Star Wars, the Cold War and the War On Terror of one small Czech village. As part of its National Missile Defense Program, the US plan to build a military base in the Czech Republic, a former hiding place for Soviet nuclear rockets during the Cold War. Despite the fact that 73% of Czechs are against the project, the government has continued with negotiations. Supporters of the base claim that it will strengthen the country's defense against the global threats of the 21st century. Opponents point out that the plan essentially shifts the Iron Curtain toward the east; they also insist that it represents an attempt of the US to rule the world.

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Production company: Negativ s.r.o., Czech TV

Katka , Czech Republic, 2010, 90 min, 35 mm, HD, Creative, Longitudinal, Portrait

Helena Třeštíková's film is a remarkable documentary tracing fourteen years in the life of a young junkie and her futile battle with drug addiction. Why did she start taking drugs? She claims she wanted to be different. The year is 1996 and 19-year-old Katka lives in the Sananim therapy community in the town of Němčice with hope for a normal life – she dreams of having a boyfriend and even a family, some day. But there's no happy ending. The director records Katka's descent over the years into a spiral of theft, prostitution, physical and psychological deterioration – a spiral that is broken only by brief flashes of hope and resolutions to stop taking drugs. Katka's desire is sincere, but in the end drugs always win. Will Katka finally find the strength when she becomes pregnant and motherhood offers her life-sustaining motivation?

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Matchmaking Mayor

Director: Hníková Erika
Production company: endorfilm, UNFILM, Czech TV, Slovenská televízia - Slovak Television

Nesvatbov , Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, 2010, 72 min, Digi Beta, HD, Creative, Society

A situational documentary film about a village mayor trying to match local people in their thirties who are still single. Slowly but surely, the Slovak village Zemplínské Hámre is dying out. Its mayor, a retired general, doesn't want to give up though. Fighting the thirty-year-olds' loneliness, he has used various means such as offering a financial reward for each newborn child or encouraging people to make children in the local public address system. None of it has worked. However, the mayor has a new plan. He decides to organize a dating party for singles from all the neighbouring villages...

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