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Founded in 2001, INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of Central and East European creative documentary film and its wider promotion.

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The Karlovy Vary IFF has announced its documentary film competition. This year’s festival programme will among others present the Slovak documentary film Other Worlds that IDF and Jihlava IDFF introduced last year at the presentation of upcoming East European documentaries Docu Talents from the East and that was pitched at the East European Forum in 2003.

Another internationally noted director, who is besides the main documentary competition present also on the DOCU TALENTS FROM EAST, is Russian documentary filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa or young Czech talented director Lucie Králová.


As Is Their Wont | Zavedjonka
Director: Galina Adamovich
Belarus, 2006, 19 min, IP – International premiere

Film Screening:
1.7. 18:30 Čas Cinema
 2.7. 15:30 Cinema B - Thermal
Twelve children, nine grandchildren, four cows, a few hectares of land, an old truck and a large greenhouse – these are the riches and fortune of Ivan and Tatyana from the Belarusian village of Staryna. They support their family with never-ending work on ordinary days and, very occasionally, on festive days as well.

Blinded Angels | Blinde engle
Director: Jon Bang Carlsen
Denmark, 2006, 90 min, WP – World premiere

Film Screening:
6.7. 15:30 Čas Cinema
7.7. 18:30 Cinema B – Thermal
A visually stunning work in which fiction merges with documentary, screened in Karlovy Vary in its world premiere. A blind European flies to South Africa in order to try one more time to get closer to the angels with the aid of paragliding, a sport which he used to do before he lost his sight.

Blockade | Blokada
Director: Sergei Loznitsa
Russia, 2005, 52 min

Film Screening:
3.7. 15:30 Čas Cinema
4.7. 18:30 Cinema B - Thermal
Compiled from authentic and hitherto unused footage of life in besieged Leningrad, this film conveys the 900 days of the blockade using only image and sound. The effect is an immediate sense of the lives of people in inhuman conditions, humanised by the everyday struggle for survival despite the constant presence of death.

Cattle Callers | Aboio
Director: Marília Rocha
Brazil, 2005, 72 min, EP – European premiere

Film Screening:
2.7. 15:30 Čas Cinema
3.7. 18:30 Cinema B - Thermal
North-eastern Brazil is home to a group of people who respect time-honoured customs, the most remarkable of which is to drive cattle while singing melancholic songs known as aboios. This feature debut by the talented Brazilian documentary filmmaker brings a powerful evocation of one of the most unusual communities on the South American continent.

Dreaming by Numbers | Dreaming by Numbers
Director: Anna Bucchetti
Netherlands, 2005, 75 min
Film Screening:
1.7. 15:30 Čas Cinema
2.7. 18:30 Cinema B - Thermal
 A poetic documentary which shows the passion of Neapolitans in their desire to win the lottery. The numbers they pick might correspond to the date of the violent death of a relative, or perhaps even dreams whose translation into the language of numbers is determined by a numerological dream-book akin to the cabbala.

The Ecstatic | Mast Qalandar
Director: Till Passow
Germany, Pakistan, 2005, 30 min
Film Screening:
4.7. 18:30 Čas Cinema
5.7. 15:30 Cinema B – Thermal
Mast Qalandar was a saint from the 13th century who practised Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam. Mast is the name for someone who is brought into an ecstatic state, engulfed by the rhythm of meditation. Passow’s stunning film captures the gathering which occurs every year to honour the saint’s encounter with Allah in Sehwan Sharif in Pakistan.

In the Pit | En el hoyo
Director: Juan Carlos Rulfo
Mexico, 2005, 85 min, EP – European premiere

Film Screening:
6.7. 15:30 Čas Cinema
7.7. 18:30 Cinema B – Thermal
There’s an old Mexican legend which says that, whenever a new bridge is completed, the devil demands one soul in exchange for its preservation. A compelling chronicle of the days the director spent with several workmen hired for the construction of the largest freeway bridge in Mexico City; the winner of the international documentary film competition at this year’s Sundance festival.

Kha-chee-pae | Chačipe
Director: Miroslav Janek
Czech Republic, 2005, 57 min

Film Screening:
4.7. 21:00 Čas Cinema
5.7. 18:30 Cinema B - Thermal
In the children’s hands, the movie camera breaks down the barriers between two worlds. It is a toy, but also a tool for communicating joy, sorrow, and secrets. Miroslav Janek invites the children to become involved in the filming process itself, leaving them to re-create the environment in which they live.

Life in Loops (A Megacities RMX) | Life in Loops (A Megacities RMX)
Director: Timo Novotny
Austria, 2006, 90 min, IP – International premiere

Film Screening:
5.7. 18:30 Čas Cinema
6.7. 15:30 Cinema B – Thermal
We set off on a stunning audiovisual adventure across the continents in a remix of the celebrated film Megacities by Michael Glawogger (1997). A blend of original, unused and newly completed shots with a soundtrack from Sofa Surfers, together bringing a fascinating look at the other side of Mexico City, New York, Bombay, Moscow and Tokyo.

Other Worlds | Iné svety
Director: Marko Škop
Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, 2006, 78 min, IP – International premiere

Film Screening:
3.7. 18:30 Čas Cinema
4.7. 15:30 Cinema B - Thermal
The East Slovak region of Šariš lies on the border between Western and Eastern Europe. This appealing documentary by Marko Škop portrays six individuals representing their own communities in this remote corner of the East Carpathian mountains – the Šariš inhabitants, the Ruthenians, Romanies and Jews.

The Railroad All-Stars | Estrellas de la línea
Director: Chema Rodríguez
Spain, 2006, 90 min

Film Screening:
1.7. 15:30 Čas Cinema
2.7. 18:30 Cinema B - Thermal
Valeria, Vilma and Mercy are prostitutes living in the vicinity of a railway track in Guatemala City. One day they establish a football team in an attempt to bring attention to the injustices they have to face on a daily basis. Using gentle humour, the film offers an original look at one of the most serious problems in this small Central American country.

Return of the Poet | Poeti veradardze
Director: Harutyun Khachatryan
Armenia, 2006, 88 min

Film Screening:
6.7. 18:30 Čas Cinema
7.7. 15:30 Cinema B - Thermal
An exceptionally appealing documentary etude, brilliant in its artistic imagery, which brings a testimony of the close links between legendary poet and itinerant singer Jivany and his Armenia, its ancient monuments, mysterious landscape and local inhabitants.

Sea of Attractions | Piejura
Director: Dainis Klava
Latvia, 2005, 26 min

Film Screening:
5.7. 15:30 Čas Cinema
6.7. 21:30 Cinema B - Thermal 
With his gift for capturing the poetry of the moment, and using gentle irony, the Latvian documentarist observes activities in one of the lively areas on the shore of the Baltic sea. Soldiers, fishermen, motorcyclists, descendants of mediaeval knights and others come together here to open themselves up to a passion suppressed by the habits of civilisations.


Sold | Prodáno
Director: Lucie Králová
Czech Republic, 2005, 30 min

Film Screening:
2.7. 18:30 Čas Cinema
3.7. 15:30 Cinema B - Thermal
Prague, Hradčany. A house dating from the 16th century is one of the few in this location occupied by the original tenants. Its owner, however, has decided to sell the house, and all its occupants, including the film’s director, will be moved out. This playfully stylised film presents the house and its tenants as one “body”.

The Substitute | Vikarien
Director: Asa Blanck, Johan Palmgren
Sweden, 2006, 84 min, EP – European premiere

Film Screening:
2.7. 18:30 Čas Cinema
3.7. 15:30 Cinema B - Thermal
Max is just starting out as a teacher and he asks his former professor, a legendary figure in Swedish education circles, for help with his uncontrollable pupils. When 73-year-old Folke turns up in Stockholm, things start to gather pace. A captivating documentary drama illustrating the generation clash between old and new Sweden.