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Founded in 2001, INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of Central and East European creative documentary film and its wider promotion.

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DOK.FEST Delivers Docs to Munich

The 26th DOK.fest Munich takes place May 4 - 11, 2011, presenting a variety of films in its international and German competitions. Abendland and Off the Beaten Track will be screened as part of supported by EUR 10,000; All for the Good of the World and Nosovice, Mila Seeking Senida or Village without Women will be included in other sections.

26th DOK.fest München
May 4 - 11, 2011
Munich / Germany

The 26th DOK.fest Munich will screen documentaries in the following sections: / DOK.deutsch / DOK.horizonte / DOK.panorama / DOK.retro / Munich Premieres / DOK.special. Here are some of DOK.fest's documentaries from Central and Eastern Europe and documentaries that have attended some of our events: - The classic competition for internationally renowned productions, which has sparked worldwide sensation and interest. The films in this section are nominated for the Documentary:Filmaward:2011 of the Bayerischer Rundfunk and Telepool GmbH (10.000 EUR).


Production company: Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion GmbH

Austria, 2010, 100 min, 35 mm, HD, Creative, Society

Darkness can help us see things more clearly. In Abendland, Nikolaus Geyrhalter undertakes a long associative journey across nighttime Europe. Pulsating service economy and affluent society, the wall of security and exclusion, urban civilization, hedonist Temple of Pleasure, at once inspired and weighed down by history, tradition and high culture. Night work, self-abandon, noise and silence, confusion of tongues, birth, illness, death and desperate attempts to cross the border. Geyrhalter's camera and the congenial editing by Wolfgang Widerhofer create a compelling film essay about one continent and the principle of the West (Abendland).

Doc Launch 2010


Off the Beaten Track

Director: Auner Dieter
Production company: Ikandi Productions, Mobra Films

Ireland, Romania, 2010, 93 min, Creative, Social Issues

When their wives go to work in Germany, the men in a rural Romanian village suddenly don’t have any spare time any more. Beautifully observed, powerful but gentle documentary about the changing world of shepherds in Transylvania. With great empathy and original ‘sheet music’. 'Why do we still keep sheep?' The shepherds in the meticulous, loving documentary Off the Beaten Track repeatedly ask themselves this. They are continuously involved with the animals, but the work no longer brings up as much as it used to: the price for lamb, wool and sheep’s cheese has dropped dramatically in recent years. The Romanian filmmaker Dieter Auner spent more than a year in a small village in Transylvania, in the northwest of Romania. The whole community still lives from sheep farming, but that won’t last very long. Since Romania joined the European Union, another opportunity has opened up for the shepherds. There’s a lot more to be earned in Germany.


DOK.panorama (formerly - The section for international productions that everyone should see. An assortment of current and innovative documentaries from around the world.

All for the Good of the World and Nosovice

Director: Klusák Vít
Production company: Hypermarket Film, Czech TV

Vše pro dobro světa a Nošovic , Czech Republic, 2010, 82 min, 35 mm, Creative, Personal View, Social Issues

An original portrait of a Czech village that houses a giant car plant built by South Korea's Hyundai. Before the village turned into an industrial zone, many of the landowners had no intention of selling their plots of land... Not until many of them faced pressure from their neighbours who had accepted approx. EUR 4000 in compensation and not until they received death threats. Using nine protagonists, the film paints a portrait of a village changed beyond recognition. A humorous yet compelling film about a field that yields cars.

Catalogue of Upcoming Czech Documentary Films 2010 / Doc Launch 2010 / East Silver 2010 / East Silver Caravan 2010

The World According to Ion B.

Director: Nanau Alexander
Production company: HBO Romania, Alexander Nanau Production

Lumea vazuta de Ion B. , Romania, 2009, 60 min, HD, Arts and Culture, Portrait

Ion B. is a 62 year-old homeless man. His bed is a filthy foam mattress at the bottom of a garbage chute. Ion sorts through the daily household garbage of the block, avidly reading the books, magazines and newspapers he finds. Since the 70s he has been creating collages from them that he calls "my films".

East Silver 2010 / East Silver Caravan 2010


DOK.guest - DOK.fest 2011 presents in its section, DOK.guest, films from various lands of the Balkans. How does this muti-ethnic region look after the great changes that took place in the nineties? The selection of films from and about this multiethnical region offers a multi-layered insight into life, beyond the headlines.

Cinema Komunisto

Director: Turajlic Mila
Production company: Cinema Komunisto, Intermedia network, Dribbling Pictures, ERT S.A. - Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

Cinema Komunisto , Serbia, 2010, 100 min, Digi Beta, HD, Arts and Culture, Creative, History, Politics, Society

When reality has a different script from the one in your films, who wouldn't invent a country to fool themselves? Using rare footage from dozens of forgotten Yugoslav films, as well as never-seen-before archive from film sets and Tito’s private screenings, the documentary recreates the narrative of a country, the stories told on screen and the ones hidden behind it. Stars such as Richard Burton, Sofia Loren and Orson Welles add a touch of glamour to the national effort, appearing in super-productions financed by the state. Tito’s favorite film director, his projectionist who showed him films every night for 30 years, the most famous actor of partisan films, and the director of the film studios who was a secret policeman – all tell how the history of Yugoslavia was constructed on the screen. 2 x 52' version also available.

Doc Launch 2008 / East Silver 2010 / East Silver Caravan 2010


Mila Seeking Senida

Producer: Teresak Damir
Production company: MAXIMA Film d.o.o., Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art /, Emotionfilm, Propeler film d.o.o., Hrvatska radiotelevizija - Croatian Radio Television, Propeller film,

Mila traži Senidu , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, 2010, 83 min, Digi Beta, Human Rights, Social Issues

Mila is a girl who went missing in May 1992, when Serbian troops entered her village of Caparde in Bosnia. At about fifty people from the village, including her mother Senada and her older sister Sanda, went missing or were killed. For sixteen years it was believed that Senida, who was 11 months old at the time, met the same fate. However, Senida’s story had continued...

East Silver 2010


Run for Life

Production company: Starhill d.o.o. , NHK - Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Japan, Serbia, 2010, 87 min, Social Issues

Run for Life is a story about three Ethiopian athletes who had participated at Podgorica half-marathon in November 2007 and afterwards decided to stay in Serbia and applied for political asylum. When Zoran Molović, a former Yugoslav athletic champion found out about their situation, he took them from the refugee camp, found them accommodation in the village of Pambukovica and became their coach. There the athlets train, wait for Serbian citizenship and hope that one day they will run for Serbia at world competitions. Should they return to Ethiopia, they would face poverty, war, and even jail. This is a film about their expectations, hopes, about their struggle with the situation, sorrow for their families but also about how Serbia will accept them.

Ex Oriente Film 2009 / East European Forum 2009


Village Without Women

Director: Sarenac Srdjan
Production company: Les films du balibari, Mainframe Film Production

Selo bez žena , Croatia, France, 2010, 83 min, Digi Beta, HD, Creative, Social Issues, Society

In Southwest Serbia, atop a mountain and four kilometres from the nearest road, the Jankovic brothers hold down the fort in the womanless village of Zabrdje. Dragan, Zoran, and Rodoljub, along with their neighbour, Velimir, represent the entire population of what was once a vibrant rural community. They live in tough conditions. No running water, no roads, not even a hint of a woman’s touch. Not to mention, the three brothers still share the same bedroom. Zoran, the eldest brother, dreams of marrying a woman capable of handling life in Zabrdje. Can he fulfil his dream and renew hope in his village?

Ex Oriente Film 2008 / East European Forum 2008 / Doc Launch 2009 / East Silver 2010 / East Silver Caravan 2010


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