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Five Films By Martin Ryšavý

At, you can now stream or download a selection of five documentaries by Czech filmmaker Martin Ryšavý. Included among the five films is Ryšavý's latest film Bear Islands.

Five documentary films by Martin Ryšavý at

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Bear Islands

Director: Ryšavý Martin
Production company: Bionaut Films

Medvědí ostrovy , Czech Republic, 2010, 60 min, HD, Creative, Nature, Reportage, Society

In "Bear Islands", director Martin Ryšavý continues his exploration of subjects related to the Sakha Republic, or Yakutia, Russia's Far Eastern Federal District. The film captures the life of residents in the remotest part of the territory, Nizhnekolymsky Ulus. Bear Islands are located in the East Siberian Sea at the mouth of the Kolyma River. The camera follows park rangers who take care of the nature reserve as they travel to an isolated polar station through the vast space where the past meets the present. A portrait of a landscape, its history and people who inhabit it.


Bananas Kids

Director: Ryšavý Martin
Production company: Mild Production

Banánové děti , Czech Republic, 2009, 67 min, DVD, Human Rights, Social Issues

The main theme is based on comparisons of life stories of several child heroes, or several Vietnamese families settled in the Czech Republic. Whereas the adults spend most of their time working, speak badly Czech and feel homesick, their kids learn Czech at school, become accustomed to Czech environment more quickly, speak Czech better than Vietnamese and have only a weak relation to their country. Vietnamese kids then begin a common part of children collective in the Czech Republic. In general the film mainly shows a life of people from two very different cultures and the pace of assimilation processes with an emphasis on expressing the differences in traditional ways of family common life and comparing value scales.



Director: Ryšavý Martin
Production company: Renata Vlčková

Malupien, Olšový Spas , Czech Republic, 2009, 78 min, DV, Personal View, Society

A documentary about the Russian city of Yakutsk in the Far East, seemingly just countless blocks of prefab flats in the middle of taiga - at first sight a gloomy place to live at, yet filled with a human desire to create, which is embodied by Malupien, a castle made of scrapheap at a place called Olšový Spas, built by one of the heroes of the film, expressing his faith in a fairy-tale essence of human existence, pointing out that the way back to childhood is possible by an active creation of its reflection.


Afonka Does Not Want to Herd Reindeer Anymore

Director: Ryšavý Martin
Production company: Total HelpArt

Afoňka už nechce pást soby , Czech Republic, 2004, 76 min, IDF Video Library

A feature documentary film by Martin Ryšavý. The film draws a portrait of the difficult life of the Siberian Evens. While Afanasy (Afonka) Konstantinov would often like to end the difficult nomadic life and settle down, his great-aunt Maria Yegorovna Kolesova wants her relatives to maintain the traditional lifestyle of their ancestors. Trapped between vague ideas about a new life and his love of the mountains and herding, Afonka feels that he will never be exactly like his ancestors.


Who Will Teach Me Half a Character?

Director: Ryšavý Martin
Production company: Mild Production

Kdo mě naučí půl znaku , Czech Republic, 2006, 92 min, Digi Beta, Experimental, Human Rights, IDF Video Library

The documentary is about good ideas of uncle Ho, respect for teachers and a return to one's homeland... Or travelling through Vietnam in the footsteps of Czechoslovak-Vietnamese friendship. Who Will Teach Me a Half of a Character follows in the footsteps of former Czechoslovak-Vietnamese cooperation and seeks to sum up its importance in the lives of several Vietnamese citizens. The film also reports on contemporary Vietnam through the experiences of local people who are not separated from Czechs by a language barrier.

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