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Klucis - The Deconstruction of an Artist, a documentary film by director Peteris Krilovs and producer Uldis Cekulis (participants of the 2005 Ex Oriente Film workshop) will be included in the programme of the 11th Images of the 21st Century, Thessaloniki IDFF (March 13 - 22, 2009). In addition, the festival lineup offers a number of other remarkable East European documentaries.


Images of the 21st Century - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
March 13 - 22, 2009

The 11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century will present approximately 200 documentaries 


Section - Hybrid Docs: a section introduced for the first time, it will showcase documentaries that defy form and tradition by means of dramatizations, reconstructions, the use of animation, etc.

Latvia 2008, 88 min

Director: Peteris Krilovs
Producer: Uldis Cekulis / Jean Francois Le Corre
Production Company: Vides Filmu Studija
Co-production: Vivement Lundi (France) / ERT (Greece)
Script: Pauls Bankovskis
Cinematography: Andris Prieditis
Editor: Julia Vinten

This film is a deeply personal view on the life of artist Gustav Klucis, one of the foremost representatives of early 20th century Russian avant-garde art. When his career was at its peak, he fell victim to Stalin’s terror. His fate after his arrest in January 1938 was kept secret for many years. The only thing his widow Valentina Kulagina managed to squeeze out of the KGB was the date of his death. Years later, even that bit of information was found to be wrong. Τhis film tells a story in which the controversial life and career of an artist reflects the tragedy of a whole nation during the first decades of the 20th century.

Director Peteris Krilovs and producer Uldis Cekulis developed the project at the 2005 Ex Oriente Film workshop; in 2006 it was presented at Docu Talents from the East.


Slovakia 2008, 77 min
D: Juraj Lehotský
P: Marko Škop, Ján Meliš, František Krähenbiel, Juraj Chlpík, Juraj Lehotský

Blind Loves is a film about love between blind people. Love can be soft, love can be silly, and love can be blind sometimes...To find one’s place in this world is not an easy thing to do for sighted people, let alone for someone who is blind! The “view” of a blind person is often pure, picking up on the essence of things, and very often it is witty. It reveals new dimensions of the meaning of happiness.

Under the working title Searching, Juraj Lehotský and Marko Škop developed the project at the 2006 Ex Oriente Film; it was also presented at Docu Talents from the East in Karlovy Vary.


Section - Views of the World: dealing with subjects of social interest 


Romania 2008, 52 min
D: Alexandru Solomon
P: Ada and Alexandru Solomon

This is not a film about roads or cars, but about what traffic turns us into. I chose five people whom I accompanied all over town, in their everyday lives. For five months I sat in the passenger seat of their car, listening to them.

Alexandru and Ada Solomon are among the participants of the 2009 Ex Oriente Film workshop (project: Lonesome Springtime).


Poland 2008, 79 min
D: Beata Dzianowicz
P: Krzysztof Kopczyński

In 2006, in the Art School in Kabul a film course entitled “Kabul – My City” was held. Students were given cameras and professional help from a young Polish director, Jacek Szarański. But that was all. They themselves had to come up with the ideas their films would be about and in what way they would show Kabul.

Under the working title Learning to Watch, the film was developed at the 2004 Ex Oriente Film.




Latvia 2008, 52 min
D: Laila Pakalnina, Māris Maskalāns
P: Uldis Cekulis

Three elderly country bachelors idle away their time amidst semi-wild nature, closer to birds and pond fish than to humans.

In 2007, Leila Pakalnina presented her project Snow-Crazy at the Docu Talents from the East. Producer Uldis Cekulis developed Klucis. The Deconstruction of an Artist at the 2005 Ex Oriente Film.




Section - Portraits: Human Journeys: films that shed light and raise questions on vital human rights issues such as freedom of speech and the right to different political and religious convictions.


Czech Republic 2008, 90 min
D: Helena Třeštíková
P: Kateřina Černá, Pavel Strnad

With raw authenticity, the director records the luckless fate of René over a period of twenty years, as he goes back and forth between prison and freedom.The life of René, who successfully stylizes himself in the role of a desperado, unfolds against a backdrop of important political events occurring in the Czech Republic and beyond its borders. 

Helena Třeštíková attended the 2007 East European Forum, with the documentary project Katka; René was presented at the Panel of Upcoming Czech Docuomentary Films in 2007.


Section: Habitat: environmental issues and their social context 

Hungary 2008, 95 min
D: Ferenc Moldoványi
P: Ferenc Moldoványi

Shot over a two-year period in four countries on four continents – Ecuador (South America), Mexico (North America), Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa), and Cambodia (Asia) – Another Planet unfolds as a cinematic poem in the tradition of Koyaanisqatsii, exposing the unequal distribution of wealth around the world as a major humanitarian crisis.


Serbia 2008, 58 min
D: Dragan Nikolic
P: Jovana Nikolic

The Caviar Connection is a wonderful mixture of observational documentary and creative authorship. It shows the inevitable disappearing world of traditional fishing through the colorful, character driven story of one family. The film pulls us so fully into this world, that we can’t help but have warmth for these flawed characters, find humor in their ordinary situations, and feel compassion for their struggles.



Section - Music: late night screenings of musical documentaries 

Poland 2007, 53 min
D: Miroslaw Dembinski
P: Miroslaw Dembinski

Music Partisans aims to show Belarus through its rock music scene. The main character is Svieta, a 20-year-old rock singer. Svieta is very passionate, believing that Belarus will one day be free. Lavor Volski, 10 years older than Svieta is more sceptical. 

Miroslaw Dembinski pitched Music Partisans at the 2005 East European Forum




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