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Krakow: Dragon of Dragons Award for Třeštíková

The 2012 Krakow Film Festival takes place May 28 - June 3 to present over 20 documentary films in its feature and mid-length competitions, including Solar Eclipse by Martin Mareček and Motherland or Death by Vitaly Manskiy. Vera Gran, Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz's portrait of a Jewish singer entangled in a Nazi collaboration scandal, will have its world premiere at the festival. Czech documentary filmmaker Helena Třeštíková will be presented this year's Dragon of Dragons Award that recognizes special achievements in documentary and animated film.

Krakow Film Festival
May 28 - June 3, 2012

Helena Třeštíková, a Czech documentary filmmaker and the laureate of several international film festivals, including the European Film Academy Award for her 2008 documentary film René, will receive this year’s Dragon of Dragons award at the 52nd KFF. The award is granted by the Programme Council of the Krakow Film Foundation from 1998 for special achievements in the documentary and animated film category. So far its laureates included famous artists such as: Kazimierz Karabasz, Stephen and Timothy Quay, Werner Herzog, Raoul Servais, Allan King, Jerzy Kucia, Albert Maysles and Jonas Mekas. The Czech director is the first woman to receive the award. The retrospective section includes eight films by the director.

For the first time this year, the Krakow Film Festival scheduled Docs to Go!, a special presentation of upcoming Polish documentary films. The event takes place May 30 @ 2PM; nine documentaries are featured in the lineup, including Hanna Polak's Svalka: Yula's Journey, and Father and Son by Paweł & Marcel Łoziński.

The selection of films for the International Documentary Competition at the 52nd Krakow Film Festival included submissions of mid-length (30-60mins) and full-length (above 60mins) films that have not so far been screened in Poland. The films which have been selected are foreign findings from international festivals and film markets as well as the result of meticulous selection from 2475 submissions, including 603 entries from documentary filmmakers.

Below you can see the top 20 films competing for the Golden Horn this year:

Feature-length documentaries:

Motherland or Death, dir. Vitaly Manskiy, Russia, 99’
The Flat, dir. Arnon Goldfinger, Israel, 97’
Six Milion and One, dir. David Fisher, Israel, 93’
Women with Cows, dir. Peter Gerdehag, Sweden, 93
The Will, dir. Christian Sønderby Jepsen, Denmark, 90’
The Virgin, the Copts and Me, dir. Namir Abdel Messeeh, France/Quatar/Egypt, 85’
Solar Eclipse, dir. Martin Marecek, Czech Republic, 81’
Wiera Gran, dir. Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, Poland, 65’
The Betrayal, dir. Karen Winther, Norway/United Kingdom,64’
Radioman, dir. Mary Kerr, United Kingdom, 2012, 75’

Mid-length documentaries:

Life In Stills, dir. Tamar Tal, Israel, 58’
2/47, dir. Arash Lahooti, Iran, 42’
Girl with a Parrot, dir. Jerzy Śladkowski, Sweden, 50’
Summer Growing Up, dir. Blaise Harrison, France, 50’
Riding for Jesus, dir. Sabrina Varani, Italy, 55’
This Man is a Multi-Layered Cake, dir. Patricia Mortagne, France, 55’
On the Way Home, dir. Sergey Kachkin, Russia, 56’
The Kid and the Clown, dir. Ida Grøn, Denmark, 53’
Dad Went Fishing, dir. Grzegorz Pacek, Poland, 51’
Entangle, dir. Lidia Duda, Poland, 50’


Competing for the Golden Dragon and PLN 30,000 are 42 short films, including the following documentaries: 

Short Film Competition - documentary films:

24 Buckets, 7 Mice, 18 Years, dir. Marius Iacob, Romania, 30’
Crossed Out, dir. Roberto Duarte, Sweden, 28’
Fathers And Sons, dir. Kaan Mujdeci, Turkey, 27’
Amateur Filmmaker, dir. Volha Dashuk, Belarus, 26’
The Man that Got Away, dir. Trevor Anderson, Canada, 25’
Chronicle Of Oldrich S., dir. Rudolf Šmíd, Czech Republic,17’
Split, dir. Rodrigo T. Marques, Eduardo Consonni, Brasil, 17’
The Ambassador & Me, dir. Jan Czarlewski, Switzerland, 16’
We Die, dir. Josephine Links, Germany, 16’
Home Turf, dir. Ross Whitaker, Ireland, 14’
The Fisherman, dir. Tom Burke, Ireland, 13’
Odysseus’s Gambit, dir. Alex Lora, USA/Spain,12’
A Day on the Drina, dir. Ines Tanovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 17’

The winner of the Polish Competition will be awarded a Golden Hobby Horse Award and PLN 20,000. The out-of-competition Panorama of Polish Film will screen films that did not qualify for the competition.

Polish Competition - documentary films:

Kotan's Children, dir. Mirosław Dembiński, 70’
Vera Gran, dir. Maria Zmarz- Koczanowicz, 67’
Harbour Of Hope, dir. Magnus Gertten, Poland/Sweden, 75’
Survive Afghanistan, dir. Małgorzata Imielska, 54’
Dream Of San Juan, dir. Joaquin Del Paso, Jan Paweł Trzaska, 52’
Dad Went Fishing, dir. Grzegorz Pacek, 51’
Entangled, dir. Lidia Duda, 50’
Losing Sonia, dir. Radka Franczak, 50’
One Meter Above The Ground, dir. Tomasz Wiszniewski, 42’
Bird’s Eye View At The Killing’s, dir. Michał Nekanda-Trepka, 45’
Redcurrants, dir. Leo Kantor, 34’
We Will Be Happy One Day, dir. Paweł Wysoczański, 43’
Galumphing, dir. Kamila Józefowicz, 40’
My Notes From The Underground, dir. Jacek Petrycki, 39’
My House Without Me, dir. Magdalena Szymków, Poland/United Kingdom, 28’
Samosiuk. The Independent Film Republic, dir. Adam Lewandowski, 28’
Loneliness Of Sound, dir. Jacek Piotr Bławut, 30’
18 kg, dir. Kacper Czubak, 24’
John According To Himilsbach, dir. Andrzej Wąsik, 22’
Camp, dir. Tomasz Jeziorski, 19’
Written In Ink, dir. Martin Rath, 11’
The Whistle, dir. Grzegorz Zariczny, 16’
Stars, dir. Adam Palenta, 8’
Walk, dir. Filip Jacobson, 6’