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New Horizons and Polish Documentaries

In addition to a diverse programme lined with offbeat bits, such as the Jack Smith retrospective, Crispin Hellion Glover's show and Japanese pink films, the 11th New Horizons IFF (July 21 - 31, 2011, Wroclaw, Poland) presents a handful of new Polish documentaries that have recently hit the festival circuit, as well many short docs.

11th New Horizons International Film Festival
July 21 - 31, 2011
Wroclaw / Poland

New Horizons is a festival of films that go beyond the limits of conventional cinema. Deciding about the formula of our festival, especially of its competition part, we asked ourselves a question: is there in the 21st century cinema (shaped by the mass audience and its tastes) a place for directors who go against the current, for individualists who use their own style, their own inimitable language...

Section: Documentaries and Essays

Argentinian Lesson

Production company: Staron Film

Argentyńska lekcja , Poland, 2011, 56 min, Digi Beta, Creative, Portrait

In 1998 Wojciech Staroń made a documentary film The Siberian Lesson. The film told the story of a young teacher, who had emigrated to the vicinity of Lake Baikal in order to teach Polish deportees’ descendants their mother tongue. Many years later, as a married couple with two children, the director and his former protagonist are leaving for Argentina. For their little son this trip will not only be an encounter with the unknown language - influenced by their Argentinian friend, Janek enters the fascinating world of child fantasy, and is introduced to the bitterness of the childhood prematurely contaminated with the problems of the grown-ups.



Production company: Polish Television. - Poltel Ent., Centrala Sp. z o.o.

Poland, 2011, 49 min, HD, Arts and Culture, Docu Series, Society

Zofia Kulik has fulfilled her dream: her work, an autobiography “Splendour of Myself” was exhibited next to the portraits by Rembrandt, during the famous exhibition Documenta XII, in Kassel. She is at the top of her carrier but she decides to give up her individual work to create a great archive of the works that she produced together with life and artistic partner Przemysław Kwiek. In years 1971-1987, the artists worked under the name KwieKulik and were inseparable. After the breakup, they still create but they work and exhibit their works separately. They live on one property, but in separate houses, near Warsaw. Apart from the precious archive including thousands of negatives, slides and films showing their art, one more thing connects Zofia and Przemysław. It is their son, whom they included in their radical artistic activities when he was a child.


Far from the City

Director: Cuske Maciej
Production company: Centrala Sp. z o.o.

Daleko od miasta , Poland, 2011, 51 min, DV, Creative, Nature, Youth Documentary

A group of boys stay in the countryside for the summer, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bored, they spend time talking about their future adult life and make a film. It brings back the memories of childhood holidays that lasted forever. There was enough time to do anything: sleep in a tent or talk about ghosts at night. ‘They are just a different race’, as one of the protagonists says. The boys are still immature – they can still have a serious discussion about the Bermuda Triangle.


The Real End of the Cold War

Production company:

Prawdziwy koniec zimnej wojny , Poland, 2011, 52 min, History, Politics

On 12 March 1999 Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Bronisław Geremek, handed to the United States Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, the act of Poland’s accession to NATO. The efforts made by Polish politicians and diplomats of various political stands date back to the beginning of the 90s – the collapse of the Warsaw Pact structure and the time of Lech Wałęsa’s presidency. Accession to NATO was the main objective of Polish diplomacy. In Śladkowski’s film, the inside story concerning the efforts made by Poland to be accepted as a NATO member is revealed by former Polish Presidents, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Polish diplomats working at the Polish Embassy in the USA. There are also some voices from Russian and American side. Zbigniew Brzeziński recollects the case of Colonel Kukliński as one of the key issues during the negotiations. Partnership for Peace program is also commented upon by Lech Wałęsa in rather bleak terms.


Section: Polish Short Movies - Documentary 1
Decrescendo / Marta Minorowicz / 2011 / 27’
Kichot / Jagoda Szelc / 2011 / 14’
A Mangle Press / Adrianna Dunin-Wąsowicz / 2010 / 16’
My Father Lazaro / Marcin Filipowicz / 2011 / 30’

Section: Polish Short Movies - Documentary 2
3 Days of Freedom / Łukasz Borowski / 2011 / 28’
Inventory / Paweł Łoziński / 2010 / 9’
Kids Play / Maciej Adamek / 2010 / 23’
Reception / Maciej Bochniak / 2011 / 10’
Luiza Hert / Agnieszka Woszczyńska / 2011 / 10’

Section: Polish Short Movies - Documentary 3
Windcatchers / Aleksandra Jankowska / 2010 / 11’
The Last Day of Summer / Piotr Stasik / 2010 / 29’
So It Goes / Zuzanna Solakiewicz / 2010 / 12’
Getto Gospel / Jakub Radej / 2011 / 26’
38,5 / Grzegorz Dębowski / 2010 / 10’

Section: Polish Short Movies - Documentary 4
Returns / Krzysztof Kadłubowski / 2010 / 7’
Paparazzi / Piotr Bernaś / 2011 / 33’
Vakha and Magomed / Marta Prus / 2010 / 12’
Fresh Cherries / Anna Baumgart / 2010 / 18’
The Contest / Jakub Cuman / 2010 / 15'

Section: Polish Short Movies - Documentary 5
The Curse / Tomasz Śliwiński / 2011 / 7’
Bon appétit / Kuba Maciejko / 2010 / 31’
Heaven / Jan P. Matuszyński / 2011 / 13’
12 and 1/2 / Olga Kałagate / 2011 / 20’
For a Hatful of Pears / Dominika Montean / 2010 / 17’


New Horizons International Film Festival