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Wojciech Staron´s Latest Doc Slated to Premiere in Krakow

Polish filmmaker Wojciech Staroń who received the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the 61st Berlinale for cinematography in the feature film El Premio, will premiere his latest documentary film Argentinian Lesson in May at the Krakow Film Festival. Staroń attended the 2010 Ex Oriente Film with his documentary project Brothers.

[Source: Krakow Film Festival, March 1, 2011]

Argentinian Lesson (Argentyńska lekcja) – the latest film from acclaimed director Wojciech Staroń, who was awarded with the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the 61st Berlinale – will receive its World premiere at The 51st Krakow Film Festival as part of the International Documentary Film Competition.

The documentary is the sequel to 1998’s Siberian Lesson (Syberyjska lekcja) which documents his wife’s everyday life in a small Siberian town as she teaches Polish to the children of Polish immigrants. Immensely popular, the film walked away with the Silver Hobby Horse Award at the 38th Krakow Film Festival.

In Argentinian Lesson the pupils are the children of Polish emigrants as Staroń focuses on his son Janek who starts classes in a new school and attempts to deal with a foreign language. Janek’s life is gradually changed thanks to the influence of 11-year-old Marcia who, despite her age, is already worried about her family’s fate.

A rough-cut of Argentinian Lesson convinced director Paula Markovitch to employ Staroń on her film El Premio, based on the real life experiences of Markovitch during the height of the military dictatorship in 1970s Argentina. Making much use of his experience working with young people during the making of the film, Staroń received the Silver Bear in the Outstanding Artistic Achievement category at the 61st Berlinale, for his exceptional camera work.

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The Polish co-producer for El Premio was Staron Film and producer Malgorzata Staroń who, along with her husband Wojciech Staroń, attended the 2010 Ex Oriente Film with the documentary project Brothers.


Staroń Wojciech

Wojciech Staroń
ocuppation: Director, Cinematographer
company: Staron Films
Director, cinematographer. Born in 1973 in Poland. 1996 - graduated from the Polish Film Academy in Łódź (cinematography). Selected filmography (director): 2010 - Pierwsza klasa (Year One, in post-production, DoP); 2005 Na chwilę (For a While, 25 min, DoP, Festival International Tout Courts, OxDox, Krakow IFF); 2004 - Pani Nikifor (Mrs Nikifor, 29 min, DoP); 2000 - El Misionero (51 min, DoP, awarded at Krakow IFF, Lodz Media Festival); 1999 - Czas trwania (A Time to Live, 17 min, DoP); 1998 - Syberyjska lekcja (Siberian Lesson, 58 min, DoP, awarded at Cinéma du Réel Paris, Krakow IFF, IDFA, Aarhus IFF, Lodz Media Festival). Selected filmography (director of photography): 2009 - Six Weeks (dir. Marcin Janos Krawczyk); 2009 - Themerson&Themerson (dir. Wiktoria Szymańska); 2008 - Szklana pułapka (Glass Trap, dir. Paweł Ferdek); 2007 - Rendez-vous (dir. M.Janos-Krawczyk); 2006 - Paradise (dir. J. Śladkowski); 2005 - Chopin’s Heart (dir. Marian Marzyński); 2004 - My American Family (dir. Jerzy Śladkowski); 1999 - Silence and Darkness (dir. P. Kędzierski). In 2011, he received the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement at the 61st Berlinale for his camera work in Paula Markovitch's feature El Premio.


Staroń Malgorzata

Malgorzata Staroń
ocuppation: Producer, Sound, Music
company: Staron Films
2005 - Pani Nikifor (Mrs Nikifor, dir. Wojciech Staron); 2007 - Tak (Yes, dir. Dariusz Gajewski); 2009 - Sześć tygodni (Six Weeks, dir. Marcin Krawczyk, IDFA Amsterdam, Short Documentary Grand Prix, Silver Eye Award, East Silver Market). 2010 - El Premio (screened at the 61st Berlinale, co-producer).