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February 23 - March 1, Zagreb opens its theatres to film audiences for the 5th ZagrebDox International Documentary Film Festival. Offering more than 150 documentaries in 10 sections, the festival also includes seminars, round tables and a pitching forum for documentary proposals from South Eastern Europe.


ZagrebDox - International Documentary Film Festival
February 23 - March 1, 2009 / Zagreb, Croatia



International Competition
Regional Competition

Controversial Dox
Happy Dox
Social Capitalism
Musical Globe

John Alpert - A Retrospective
Contemporary Israeli Dox - A Retrospective
Croatian Non-professional Documentary Film - A Retrospective
Bogdan Žižic - Author's Night



East European Films in the International Competition:


BOOTHS (Budka)
Russia 2008, 26 min

D: Mikhail Zheleznikov
P: Vyacheslav & Alexey Telnov

The hidden world of streetside booths in the big city is seen through portraits of the people who work inside them day after day.



III. REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY (III. Pamiętaj, abyś dzień święty święcił)
Poland 2008, 45 min

D: Maciej Cuske
P: Ryszard Urbaniak

Stasiu will have his First Communion sacrament in few months. It is a hottest time in which everything, spiritually as well as materially, is being prepared for the forthcoming celebration.

In 2007, Maciej Cuske pitched his project On the Sky on Earth at the East European Forum.


RENÉ (René)
Czech Republic 2008, 83 min

D: Helena Třeštíková
P: Kateřina Černá, Pavel Strnad

The life of René, who successfully stylises himself in the role of a desperado, unfolds against a backdrop of important political events occurring in the Czech Republic and beyond its borders.




THE DECALOGUE 4: ...TILL IT HURTS (Dekalog... po dekalogu, Do bólu)
Poland 2008, 25 min

D: Marcin Koszałka
P: Ryszard Urbaniak

Oedipus reloaded. Live at mummy’s place for 53 years and then bring a girlfriend home? All the horror of a mother-son-relationship, condensed in an intimate tragicomedy.




UK, Ukraine 2007, 93 min

D: Geoffrey Smith
P: Geoffrey Smith, Rachel Wexler

What is it like to have God like surgical powers, yet to struggle against your own humanity? What is it like to try and save a life, and yet to fail?


THE MOTHER (La mère)
France, Switzerland, Russia 2007, 80 min

D: Antoine Cattin, Pavel Kostomarov
P: Elena Hill

Liouba escaped from her violent husband with all her 9 children. She raises them along with her daughter Alesia on a farm in Russia where they both work. They devote all their overwhelming love to their maternal instincts.




Latvia 2008, 52 min

D: Laila Pakalnina, Maris Maskalans
P: Uldis Cekulis

Miles of vast nature, hordes of birds, a wooden fishermen’s shed. And three middle-aged men, who in this Latvian ‘middle of nowhere’ do little more than what is strictly necessary. They catch fish, repair their tools and only say something if they really have to.

In 2007, Leila Pakalnina presented her project Snow-Crazy at the Docu Talents from the East.
Producer Uldis Cekulis developed Klucis. The Deconstruction of an Artist at the 2005 Ex Oriente Film.




Regional Competition:


22:22 Split-Zagreb (Croatia 2008, 5 min, dir. Tonći Gaćina)

Above Average (Croatia 2008, 19 min, dir. Igor Bezinović)

Alone (Croatia 2008, 50 min, dir. Miroslav Mikuljan)

Believers (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008, 20 min, dir. Namik Kabil)

Cash&Marry (Macedonia, Croatia, Austria, USA 2008, 70 min, dir. Atanas Georgiev)
In 2006, Atanas Georgiev and Sinisha Juricic developed Cash & Marry within the Ex Oriente Film international workshop of creative documentary film.

Centipede (Croatia 2008, 20 min, dir. Rasim Karalić)

Corridor #8 (Bulgaria 2008, 74 min, dir. Boris Despodov)

Diagnosis S.B.H.
(Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008, 42 min, dir. Enes Zlatar)

Fabulous Fairies
(Serbia 2008, 50 min, dir. Marko Jeftić)

Happy Ever After Land (Croatia 2008, 50 min, dir. Goran Dević) (Austria 2008, 10 min, dir. Martin Bruch, Reinhilde Condin)

Idiot (Croatia 2008, 38 min, dir.Velimir Rodić)

If You Are Watching This, Mom… (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2008, 28 min, dir. Mustafa Mustafić, Dario Novalić)

Look at the Life Through My Eyes (Macedonia, Croatia 2008, 45 min, dir. Marija Dzidzeva)

Lost World
(Hungary, Finland 2008, 20 min, dir. Gyula Nemes)
The project participated in the 2005 Ex Oriente Film workshop.

Numbness (Croatia 2008, 25 min, dir. Dražen Majić)

Srećko (Croatia 2008, 30 min, dir. Dario Lonjak)

Testimony (Romania, Germany 2008, 90 min, dir. Razvan Georgescu)

The 21st Second (Serbia 2008, 56 min, dir. Željko Mirković)

The Caviar Connection (Serbia 2008, 58 min, dir. Dragan Nikolić)

The Flower Bridge (Romania / Germany 2008, 87 min, dir. Thomas Ciulei)

The Other Dubrovnik (Croatia 2008, 30 min, dir. Petar Krelja)

Two Love Stories (Kosovo 2008, 25 min, dir. Shota Bukoshi)

(Croatia 2008, 30 min, dir. Nikola Strašek) - out of competition



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