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Institute of Documentary Film’s Activities
Founded in 2001, the INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of East European documentary films and their wider promotion. Our activities support filmmakers through all stages of completion – development, funding, production, post-production, and distribution. We aim at individual filmmakers (tailored consultations), groups of carefully selected professionals with projects or films (Ex Oriente Film, East European Forum, East Silver, Doc Launch, etc.), broader professional community (East Doc Platform), as well as the general public (portal We closely work with key int. festivals, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, markets, or training initiatives and serve as the GATEWAY TO EAST EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM.
 Girl's War for a Lifetime
Director Igor Chaun Producer Martin Kořínek Production company Cinemania s.r.o. ... Director of photography Martin Štěpánek
Editor Vladimír Bezděk ml. WWW Financial Support Ministry of Culture Czech Republic

Girl's War for a Lifetime

Dívčí Válka na Doživotí, Czech Republic, 2012, 70 min, Digi Beta, Society
 GITANISTAN – The imaginary State of  Gypsies families in Salento
Director Gigi De Donno ... Producer Gigi De Donno Production company MaxMan Coop ...
Director of photography Fabrizio La Palombara Editor Paolo Marzoni Financial Support Apulia Film Commission; Freim; Dilinò; Maxman

GITANISTAN – The imaginary State of Gypsies families in Salento

GITANISTAN – Lo Stato immaginario delle famiglie Rom-Salentine, France, Italy, 75 min, Digi Beta, HD, Anthropology, Arts and Culture, Music, Politics, Social Issues, Society
The Global Town
Director Ulli Gladik Producer Sabine Gruber ... Production company Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH Director of photography Johannes Hammel
Editor Karin Hammer IDF Events 2010 East European Forum Financial Support BMUKK 92.500 €ORF 60.000 €Styria 26.000 €City of Vienna 3.000 €

The Global Town

Die globale Stadt, Austria, 90 min, 35 mm, Social Issues
 Graduates / Freedom Is Not For Free
Director Tomáš Krupa Producer Tomáš Krupa Production company Tomáš Krupa ... Director of photography Martin Čech ...
Editor Pavol Palárik IDF Events 2013 East Silver ... WWW Financial Support Audiovizuálny Fond Slovenskej republiky

Graduates / Freedom Is Not For Free

Absolventi / Sloboda nie je zadarmo, Slovak Republic, 2012, 83 min, DCP, HD, Creative, Personal View, Society
The Great Escape
Director Ksawery Szczepanik Producer Darek Dikti ... Production company Biuro pomysłów Director of photography Kacper Czubak
Editor Pawel Suchta IDF Events 2014 East Silver Financial Support Polish Film Institute

The Great Escape

Wielka ucieczka, Poland, 2014, 47 min, Blu-ray, History, Human Rights, Personal View, Portrait
Director Ivan Ostrochovský Producer Ivan Ostrochovský Production company Punkchart Films ... Director of photography Ivan Ostrochovský
Editor Maroš Šlapeta IDF Events 2015 Catalogue of Upcoming Czech Documentary Films ... Financial Support Czech State Cinematography Fund ...


Garda, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, 2016, 80 min, DCP
 Hard Life
Director Alois Drdka Producer Alois Drdka
Financial Support Media ...

Hard Life

Těžký život, Canada, 280 min, DCP, Animated, Anthropology, Archive, Creative, Current Affairs

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