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Derflinger Sabine

Easy Money
Begging as a way to make easy money. The number of people who have chosen this path is rising. Some of them have turned Vienna`s Mariahilfer Strasse into their living room and "workplace".

One out of 8
The personal story of two women, who are afflicted by breast cancer.

What Remains
The film is about the empty spaces left behind in the wake of war and violence. The film is composed of long static wide shots of places and land- scapes in present day Bosnia Herzegovina. The ordinary banality and beauty of the places shown, forms a contrast to the fact that atrocities were committed during the Bosnian War from 1992 until 1995 at all of these sites. “What remains” is a filmic memorial beyond the ordinary limits of representation and understanding. The places in the film are present for their own sake. They do not explain themselves to us. They throw back the answers we ask them.

Hot Spot
Michl's Restaurant helps the long-term unemployed reenter the workforce. In addition to everyday life in the kitchen, there are also accompanying conversations at the center of the project as well as the film. The counseling system, based on understanding and support, increasingly functions as a controlling, evaluative entity. What can I do? How am I being assessed by society? The job market is only for those, who fit into the system.

Attention: State Frontier
"I often felt ashamed from the bottom of my heart for being Austrian", says filmmaker Sabine Derflinger. In ACHTUNG STAATSGRENZE she introduces rejected asylum seekers who are locked up in the police prison of Linz, waiting for their deportation. Rejected asylum seekers who are found by the Austrian aliens police are sent to prison for a maximum of six months, pending their expulsion. In prison they are being treated as if they belong to the category of tough criminals: ten minutes of fresh air a day, three minutes of monitored phone calls a week and one ten-minute shower a week. In 1995 15,000 people met with this fate. ACHTUNG STAATSGRENZE is the first Austrian film that takes these confined refugees' predicament to heart.

Born 1963 in Wels, Upperaustria / lives in Vienna and Berlin2007-2011 Juror at the advisory committee of the Austrian Filminstitution. since 2006 Lecturer at the University of Vienna (Institute for Journalism)2008 Juror Filmfestival Goa/India2007-2008 Marte Meo Education 2007 Juror Filmfestival Max Ophüls Price, International Studentfilmfestival in Vienna, International Short Film Festival in Vienna2005 Juror Bozner Film Days, International Filmfestival Indien 2004-2006 Lecturer at the Donauuniversity in Krems2000 Founding member of (interest grouf of the austrian documentation filmmakers)1996 Diploma (“Film narratives between epic and drama”)1991-1996 Studies at the Viennese Film Academy
2011 Hot Spot, Documentation, Director2010 Tag und Nacht, Feature film, Book/ Director2008 Eine von 8, Documentation, Book/Director2007 42+, Feature film , Book/Director2006 In den Straßen von Delhi, Documentation, Book/Director2004 Schnelles Geld, Documentation, Book/Director2004 Kleine Schwester, Feature film, Director2001 Vollgas, Feature film, Book/Director1999 The Rounder Girls, Documentation, Book/Director1995/96 Achtung Staatsgrenze, Documentation, Book/Director1993/94 Geraubte Kindheit, 82 min, Documentation, Book/Director
Wehrgasse 32/3/9
AT-1050 Wien
+43 699 1134 6612
La Banda Film
Heinestrasse 35/19
2005 ver.di television award for "Little Sister" 2004 Baden-Baden Actor's Award for "Little Sister" 2004 Munich Film Festival, VFF TV Movie Award for "Little Sister" 2003 Federal Chancellery's Young Director's Award 2003 Cultural Award of the State of Upper Austria 2002 Max Ophüls Festival, Jury's Young Director Award for "Step On It" 2001 Thomas Pluch Award for "Step On It" 1998 Carl Mayer Young Screenwriter Award for "Step On It" (working title at the time: "Troubles") 1998 The Greens' Cultural Award for "The Rounder Girls" 1997 State of Upper Austria 's Young Talent Award for "Warning: National Border" 1996 Intercultural Award for "Warning: National Border" 1994 Hans Cermak Award for "Stolen Childhood"

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