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Doruška Tomáš

Live Image of a Better World
Far away from civilization in the mountains Orlické hory, there lives a man together with his sheep, cats and radio who does not keep almost any contact with people. His knowledge of nature and natural processes and his protection of it are widely respected. This man of silent existence who lives a humble and unpretentious life on the outskirts of the world is followed by the director who was able to get close to him. The film tells the story of exclusion and resettlement in the original as well as figurative sense of the word and shows the man's desire for freedom.

Nebýt dnešní

Tsunami After the Wave of Interest
The authors of this documentary film folow the stories of five people in the Indonesian province of Aceh after the 2004 tsunami.

From Your Life
A portrait of the 20th century from the subjective perspective of medical doctor Prof. Zdeněk Mařatka, the documentary author's father. Zdeněk Mařatka, the main character of the film and the founder of modern gastroenterology, comments on his knowledge and innovations on the evening of his life. He even tries to reflect the culture from the perspective of his highly specialized scientific field. The author himself is one of the leading living composers and conductors of the world.

It Begun wıth Trees
Protesters diary from Gezi Park - Taksim Square, Istanbul. Occupy Gezi movement started when the government decided to build shopping mall in place of the last green area that remained in the middle of Taksim Square.

MgA. at FAMU Praha 2001 editing dep. where he graduated with a feature film Radhost with cinema distribution.He edited about 50 short and long independent documentaries and produced a few film projects: Lačo Jilo (Dobré srdce) (1998), R'utobös (1999, spoluautor), Malý Janek (2000), Radhošť (Bohdan Sláma, Tomáš Doruška, Pavel Göbl, 2001). Střih, spolupráce: Ještě žiju s věšákem, plácačkou a čepicí (2006), Bloudím (2006), Nebýt dnešní (2007), Proměny (2009), Tsunami po vlně zájmu (2009).
Little Janek 2000Radhost 2001Roming /preparation only/ 2006Ebb and Tide 2010Tsunami After the Wave of Interest 2010People, Who try to Save World 2012
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