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Dad Went Fishing

Tato poszedl na ryby, Poland, 2011, 51 min, Digi Beta, Creative, Portrait, Social Issues
One day Juan, an ex-soldier from Cape Town and a bon vivant, had a vision of Jesus Christ while watching the soft porn Emmanuelle. This experience influenced him so deeply that he sold all his belongings and went to Pomfret, an ex-military base for Angolan soldiers in north South Africa. There he set up an orphanage for black children. Through this ambivalent character and his story, we learn about the state of the South African nation. We use Pomfret as a model of society in the aftermath of a political transformation and show people who are lost and seek help in religion as the collapse of the old regime left open a void that the new ideology has not yet filled. Pomfret is a village of outcasts who have lost the revolution.
Grzegorz Pacek
Grzegorz Pacek
Grzegorz Pacek
Co Producer:
Monika Braid
Director of photography:
Bogumil Godfrejów
Anna Wagner, Grzegorz Pacek, Krzysztof Raczyński
Joanna Napierlaska
Afrikaans, English, Portugese
Wytwórnia Filmów (Production company) ul. Słupecka 7/16
02-309 Warszawa, Poland
+48 604 974 303
Braidmade Films Ltd (Coproduction company) 183 Anerley Road
SE20 8EF London, United Kingdom
+44 020 8776 5942
East European Forum 2005 East Silver Caravan Silver Eye nominee
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 2011, China
FIPA 2012, France

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