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Institute of Documentary Film’s Activities

Founded in 2001, INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of Central and East European creative documentary film and its wider promotion.

We work closely with Central and East European film directors and producers and provide in-depth development support for their projects as well as international promotion.

We also work with key international festivals, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, markets, film institutions, film schools, MEDIA Desks, training programmes, national film centres and various film portals, and serve as the GATEWAY TO EAST EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM – an indispensable source of documentary projects and films from Central and Eastern Europe.


Creative documentary film has again found strong support at this year's East European Forum. The annual meeting of East European documentary directors, producers and commissioning editors will facilitate the development of many documentary projects. Among the Czech filmmakers presenting their projects at the Forum this year were Helena Třeštíková, Erika Hníková, Pavel Štingl, Jakub Hejna, Lucie Králová and Adéla Kroupová. Photo: Black-and-White Window, Jaak Kilmi

East European Forum
OCTOBER 24 – 28, 2007
Our thanks go to:
Secondary Graphic Art School Jihlava
and Horácké Theatre Jihlava

East European Forum is annually organized by IDF with co-operation of IDFF Jihlava.

Final Press Release 

On the first day of pitching, the commissioning editors expressed a great interest in the Czech project Grandpa's Secrets by Jakub Hejna and Lucie Králová. In addition to Jenny Westergard from YLE (Finland), meetings were requested also by Jessica Raspe from AVRO (Netherlands), Vera Bonnier from SVT (Sweden), Heribert Schneiders from MDR (Germany), Jane Jankovic from Canada's TV Ontario, Margje de Koning from IKON (Netherlands) or Katarzyna Malinowska from Polish TVP. Helena Třeštíková's Katka - Trapped had equally positive reactions, drawing interest from Katarzyna Malinowska from TVP, Viola Salu from ETV, Margje de Koning from IKON, Joke Goovaerts from Lichtpunt (Belgium), Jane Jankovic from TVO and Franz Grabner from Austria's ORF.

Poland's Planet Kirsan by Magadelna Pieta and Krzystof Kopczinski seemed impressive to Jessica Raspe from AVRO, Jenny Westergard from YLE, ditributor Charlotte Gry Madsen, German MDR, Canada's TVO or Viola Salu from ETV. Belgium's Lichtpunt, IKON and Czech TV expressed their interest in Pawel Lozinski's project Chemistry. Jenny Westergard from YLE and Margje de Koning from IKON held one-on-one meetings with Ileana Stanculescu and Artchil Khetagouri, discussing their project Noosfera. Swedish SVT, Polish TVP, Estonian ETV and Dutch AVRO were all considering their support for Armenia's The Last Two Tightrope Dancers by Inna Sahakyan and Vardan Hovhannisyan. Pavel Štingl's Report on Lodz found potential support from Polish TVP, Joke Goovaerts from Lichtpunt and distributor Charlotte Gry Madsen. Finnish YLE, Lichtpunt, ETV and IKON were all interested in discussing Poland's Genius Children by Maciej Adamek and Radek Stys.

Erika Hníková discussed her project Kicking Life with Jenny Westergard from YLE, Charlotte Gry Madsen and Jane Jankovic from TVO. Jaroslav Pašmik's Hero of Red China managed to convince Heribert Schneiders from MDR, Charlotte Gry Madsen, Czech TV as well as Dutch AVRO. SVT, TVP, Czech TV and AVRO would all like to follow the Bulgarian project Ramadan - Guide to Fame by Svetla Neykova and Dobryana Petkova. Poland's On the Sky on Earth by Maciej Cuske and Agnieszka Janowska was compelling for MDR, YLE, AVRO and TVO. Finnish YLE is considering support for the Belarusian project Probes by Yuri Khashchevatsky; Franz Grabner from ORF will likely help the film with acquisition.


During the Sunday session, Ada Gallery by Vladimir Kolas and Miroslaw Dembinski received the most positive feedback; the filmmakers started negoations with Flora Gregory from Al Jazeera, Viola Salu from Estonian ETV, Jenny Westergard from YLE, Jane Jankovic from TVO, Vera Bonnier from SVT, Joke Goovaerts from Lichtpunt, Margje de Koning from IKON and Franz Grabner from ORF. Marina Andree had a one-on-one meeting with Flora Gregory from Al Jazeera and Margje de Koning from IKON about her project Sevdah - Bosnia Blues. The Very First Cowboy by Adéla Kroupová grabbed the attention of Jane Jankovic from TVO, Viola Salu from ETV and Andras Monory Mesz from MTV.

Jaak Kilmi with his Black-and-White Window that entered the East European Forum with several networks already on board had meetings with Margje de Koning from IKON, Heribert Schneiders from MDR, Franz Grabner from ORF, Vera Bonnier from SVT, Jane Jankovic from TVO and Flora Gregory from Al Jazeera. Zoltan Furedi with the project Mr Steel Axe - Entering Heaven will continue negotiations with Flora Gregory from Al Jazeera, Andras Monory Mesz from MTV and distributor Charlotte Gry Madsen from DR TV. Canada's TVO, Dutch IKON and Belgian Lichtpunt expressed interest in Marco Gastine's One-Way Kids. For the complete list of all projects click here...

Trailers for all EEF projects will soon be available online.

Although the filmmakers still have to go through very long negotiations with TV networks about the exact form of possible cooperation, a number of specific promises for financial support were already given during the weekend pitch sessions. For seven years, the East European Forum. organized by the Institute of Documentary Film, has been one of the two focal points of the industry section at the Jihlava IDFF. It is the first event that gives East European documentary filmmakers the opportunity to meet Europe's leading commissioning editors. At the Forum, directors and independent producers pitch their documentary projects for co-production. With the founding of the East European Forum, the region of Central Europe has received the first alternative to the existing models of funding that rely only on state funds and local broadcasters.

Since its establishment, the Forum has become a prestigious meeting place for film professionals and, since 2001, it has hosted some 420 East European filmmakers and producers, 50 TV representatives and dozens of international distributors, buyers and festival programmers. This year the Forum hosted more than 70 documentary professionals from all over Europe. Thanks to the Forum, over 30 films have been completed since 2001.


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