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Institute of Documentary Film’s Activities

Founded in 2001, INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of Central and East European creative documentary film and its wider promotion.

We work closely with Central and East European film directors and producers and provide in-depth development support for their projects as well as international promotion.

We also work with key international festivals, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, markets, film institutions, film schools, MEDIA Desks, training programmes, national film centres and various film portals, and serve as the GATEWAY TO EAST EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM – an indispensable source of documentary projects and films from Central and Eastern Europe.

Ex Oriente Film



3rd Session: ”The Market Opens”
Jihlava, Czech Republic
Dates: October 27 - November 1, 2009

The third session deals mainly with practical skills that are required for the presentation of the project and pitching. However its main theoretical themes are distribution plan and sales, post-pitching negotiation techniques for documentaries, as well as communication strategies to get European broadcasters involved in the project. The theoretical parts of this workshop discuss specific examples of international co-productions using case studies by commissioning editors, producers and distributors. The session is concluded with the East European Pitching Forum and follow-up meetings with selected tutors.





TUE STEEN MÜLLER – Ex Oriente Film Head of Studies  (Denmark)

Born in 1947, since 2006 freelance consultant and teacher in Danish and European documentary matters. Tue Steen Müller is responsible for the project selection, together with Andrea Prenghyová and Ivana Miloševičová he creates the workshop strategy, innovations and improvements, being an outstanding and very active figure of the documentary scene and former director of EDN, he offers his knowledge of the documentary market, and brings a large net of contacts to the Ex Oriente Film workshop network. Within the workshops, he concentrate on creating a solid but flexible frame for all the training activities and works as a head of the project content development process during individual meetings with the participants. Apart from that, he moderates most of the events and creates an important atmosphere of interaction between the participants, team and other tutors.




MARIJKE RAWIE - Head of Forum Workshop  (Netherlands)

Marijke Rawie, Managing Director of ExpertDocs, was during the last 17 years Head of Art Documentary at AVRO, 1st public broadcaster in the Netherlands. In 1991 she founded the documentary slot "AVRO Close Up" which became one of the leading international co-producers and co-financers of documentaries in Europe. She started her tv-career in1974. She worked as director and producer of documentaries at various Dutch broadcasters (NOS, VARA, NCRV), before she went to AVRO. Marijke Rawie is involved in several international documentary institutions: Vice President of EBU Documentary Expert Group; Vice President of Advisery Board Discovery Campus Masterschool; Boardmember of the 1st World Congress of Arts Producers; EDN; Doc. expert Eurodoc. She is the founder of ExpertDocs, International Documentary Training & Consultancy, in which she combines the international documentary coproduction and (pitching) training knowledge she has acquired over the years.




1955 Born in Copenhagen, Denmark; 1976-79, Degree in Film Studies at the University of Copenhagen; 1980-88, Appointed at Danish Film Center, distribution of shorts and documentaries; 1984-94, Independent Producer and production manager of shorts & documentaries for the National Film Board of Denmark, the Danish Film Institute and Danish TV; 1995-98, Initiator and manager of the festival ”Films from the South” organized in cooperation with the Copenhagen Film Festival; 1993-98, Co-owner & Film producer at ”Manden med Cameraet”. Producer of a number of international TV series & documentaries; 1998-99, Degree at EAVE, MEDIA Programme for ‘European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs’; 1998-2002, Production adviser / Shorts and Documentaries at the Danish Film Institute; 2000- Tutor at EDN related workshops; 2002- Co-owner & Head of documentaries at Final Cut Productions. Producer of e.g., ‘The German Secret’, Joris Ivens competition IDFA 2004, Hot Docs Toronto 2005; 2005 - EDN Board member.





Commissioning Editor for YLE TV2 Documentaries, Finland since 1998. Executive Producer for Steps For The Future and Another Finland and one of the Series Producers for Why Democracy. He is a board member in Steps International, Steps India and IDFA. In YLE he has commissioned several internationally awarded documentaries like 3 Rooms Of Melancholy by Pirjo Honkasalo, Decent Factory by Thomas Balmes,  Gone To The Wind by  Gennadi Gorodin,  Recepies for Disaster  by John Webster, The Journey by Markku Lehmuskallio,  Lakshmi and Me by Nishta Jain, Paradise by Elina Hirvonen, In The Shadow Of Holy Book by Arto Halonen, Northern Star by Erkko Lyytinen and Riot On ! by John Hakalax. He has been a partner in several awarded documentaries produced in Asia, Middle-East and Africa. Before YLE he directed several awarded documentaries for Epidem and Musafilm, among them  Past is Present,  Amal, Inam, Naila,  Man from the Shadow ,  Daughter of a Terrorist, Our Common Future?  and Tehri - Two Journeys. Among the publications the most recent is a 2008 published book “Steps By Steps”, written together with Don Edkins.



Producer and cameraman, he created the independent production company Vides Filmu Studija (VFS) that has become the leader in the Baltic States in making documentaries and TV programmes with a focus on "man and nature" stories. He has worked on more than twenty documentaries both as a producer and cameraman. His camerawork for the documentary Upper Daugava (1994) helped the film win the Best Latvian Documentary award of the year, and in 2002 the film Wake Up! was awarded the First Prize of the Baltic Film Competition at the film festival Arsenals (Riga). Some of the documentaries he has produced such as Roof on the Moonway (2001) and Dream Land (2004) have traveled around the world. He has also worked with multimedia projects; for ten years he has been producing a weekly half-hour “environment and nature” programme for the Latvian Public TV. 




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Tutors and guests of past editions of Ex Oriente Film:
Tue Steen Müller (Denmark), Paul Pauwels (Periscope Productions, recently VRT - Canvas, Belgium), Stefano Tealdi (Stefilm, Italy), Kristiina Pervilä (Oy Filmikonttori Ltd., Finland), Simon Drewsen Holmberg (Baltic Media Center, Denmark), Marie Clemence Paës (Laterit Productions, France), Ike Bertels (Ike Bertels Filmproducties, The Netherlands), Nenad Puhovski (Factum, Croatia), Emma Davie (director, U.K.), Claas Danielsen (Discovery Campus Masterschool Germany). Leena Pasanen (YLE/European Documentary Network), Fleur Knopperts (IDFA Forum, Netherlands), Cecilia Lidin (EDN, Denmark), Serge Lalou (Les Films d'Ici, France), Mikael Opstrup (Final Cut Film Productions), Steven Seidenberg (DE–CAF TV Production, United Kingdom), Heino Deckert (MA.JA.DE Film, Germany), Karoline Leth (Tju-Bang Film, Denmark), Alan Fountain (EAVE, Luxemburg), Filip Remunda (director, Czech Republic), Jan Gogola ml. (director, Head of Programming, Czech TV, Czech Republic), Miroslav Janek (director, Czech Republic), Simone Bauman (producer, Germany), Oliver Schwem (ARTE Thema, Germany), Uldis Cekulis (Vides Filmu Studio, Latvia), Dr. Stefan Ruell (Stefan Rüll Law Office, Germany), Jeppe Ronde (director, Denmark), Irena Taskovski (Taskovski Films, UK), Steven Seidenberg (De-Caf, UK), Sybille Kurz (Pitching and Communication Skills: Training, Presentation Consulting, Germany), Marijke Rawie (ExpertDocs, Netherlands), Lucinda Broadbent (director and producer, UK), Fredrik Gertten (filmmaker and journalist, Sweden), Ema Dawie (director, UK), Florin Iepan (director, Romania), Sergey Dvortsevoy (director, Russia), Rolf Orthel (producer-director, Netherlands), Philip Gröning (director, Germany), Jan Šikl (director, Czech Republic), Hanne Skjødt (EDN manager, Denmark), Arunas Matelis (director, Lithuania), Timo Novotny (director, Austria), Gabor Zsigmond Papp (director, Hungary), Stephanie von Lukowicz (independent producer, Germany), Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen (Head of Industry Office, IDFA, Netherlands), Pernille Rose Groenkjaer (director, Denmark), Eva Mulvad (director, Denmark), Phie Ambo (director, Denmark), Ruth Beckermann (director, Austria), Debra Zimmerman (Women Make Movies, USA), Adnan Hadzi (expert, UK), Juraj Lehotský (director, Slovakia), Alexandre Cornu (Les Films du Tambour de Soie, France), Martichka Bozhilova (Agitprop, Bulgaria), Jenny Westergaard (YLE, Finland), Signe Byrge Sorensen (Final Cut Film Production, Denmark), Don Edkins (director and producer, RSA), Iikka Vehkalahti (YLE, Finland), Joan Morselt (IDFA, Netherlands), Jean-Jacques Peretti (Sunny Side of the Doc, France), Josée Brossard (Sunny Side of the Doc, France), Victoria Dunaeva (Belsat TV, Belarus). 



TV commissioning editors we cooperate with:
Sabine Bubeck-Paaz (ZDF/ARTE, Germany), Madeleine Avramoussis (ARTE THEMA Strasbourg, France), Hans Robert Eisenhauer (ARTE G.E.I.E. Germany/France), Leena Pasanen (YLE Teema, Finland), Iikka Vehkalahti (YLE, Finland), Philippe Van Meerbeck (VRT, Belgium), Wim Van Rompaey (Lichtpunt, Belgium), Cees Van Ede (NPS, Netherlands), Franz Grabner (ORF, Austria), Martin Stoll (Czech TV, Czech Republic), Björn Arvas (SVT, Sweden), Caroline Mutz (ARTE THEMA, France), Marijke Rawie (AVRO, Netherlands), Kathrin Brinkmann (ARTE/ZDF, Germany), Bert Janssens (Humanist Broadcasting Foundations, Netherlands), Philippe Muller (ARTE G.E.I.E., France), Heino Deckert (MAJA.DE Film, Germany), Esther Van Messel (First Hand Films, Switzerland), Nick Fraser (BBC 4, UK), Mette Hoffmann Meyer (TV2, Denmark), Flemming Grenz (DR TV, Denmark), Jordi Ambros (TV3 CAT), Paul Pauwels (VRT, Belgium), Marijke Huijbregts, Caroline Behar (France 5, France), Marijke Huijbregts (AVRO, Netherlands), Rasa Miskinyte (LRT, Lithuania), Dr. Claudia Schreiner (MDR/ARD, Germany), Andrzej Titkow (PTV, Poland), Christian Popp ( RBB/ARTE, Německo), Sari Volanen (YLE, Finland), Jenny Westergaard (YLE, Finland), Elisabeth Hulten (ARTE France, France), Rada Šešič (Jan Vrijman Fund, Netherlands), Charlotte Gry Madsen (DR TV, Denmark), Christiane Hinz (VRD, Germany), Katarzyna Malinowska (TVP Kultura, Poland), Claudia Nedelescu (TVR, Romania), Marek Šebeš (Czech TV, Czech Republic), Andras Monory Mesz (MTV, Hungary), Joke Goovaerts (Lichtpunt, Belgium), Heribert Schneiders (MDR, Germany), Jessica Raspe (AVRO, Netherlands), Jane Jankovic (TVO, Canada), Viola Salu (ETV, Estonia), Vera Bonnier (SVT, Sweden), Klara Toth (Duna TV, Hungary), Flora Gregory (Al Jazeera English, UK), Margje de Koning (IKON, Netherlands), Lejla Babovic (BHRT, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Claudia Bucher (ARTE, France), Rudy Buttignol (Knowledge, Canada), Cynthia Kane (ITVS International, USA), Wilbur Leguebe (RTBF, Belgium), Cynthia López (PBS, USA), Jenny Ross (Al Jazeera English, UK), Milka Pavlicevic (ZDF/ARTE, Germany), Alex Szalat (ARTE France, France), Rahdi Taylor (Sundance Documentary Fund, USA), Lois Vossen (ITVS, USA), Sandra Whipham (producer, consultant, UK), Katja Wildermuth (MDR, Germany).