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Institute of Documentary Film’s Activities

Founded in 2001, INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of Central and East European creative documentary film and its wider promotion.

We work closely with Central and East European film directors and producers and provide in-depth development support for their projects as well as international promotion.

We also work with key international festivals, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, markets, film institutions, film schools, MEDIA Desks, training programmes, national film centres and various film portals, and serve as the GATEWAY TO EAST EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM – an indispensable source of documentary projects and films from Central and Eastern Europe.

Open Programme: Ex Oriente Film Session 2

June 13 - 18, 2011, the second part of our year-long workshop Ex Oriente Film opens several of its master classes, screenings and lectures to all documentary enthusiasts. The programme includes, for instance, screenings of The Oath, Dad Made Dirty Movies and Virginity, and sessions with Vitaly Manskiy, Tamara Moyzes and Jonathan Oppenheim.

Session Two - Open Programme
June 13 - 18, 2011 / Prague, CZE / FAMU

Tutors & Guests


MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011

19.00 – 20.30
Screening: The Oath (dir. Laura Poitras, USA, 2010)
Presented by Jonathan Oppenheim, editor and co-producer of the film

The Oath

Director: Poitras Laura
Producer: Poitras Laura
Production company: Praxis Films, ITVS International, American Documentary / POV

Přísaha , USA, 2010, 95 min, Creative, Politics, Portrait, Society

Unraveling like a lush, gripping novel that constantly subverts expectations, The Oath is the interlocking drama of two brothers-in-law, Abu Jandal and Salim Hamdam, whose associations with al Qaeda in the 1990s propelled them on divergent courses. The film delves into Abu Jandal's daily life as a taxi driver in Sana’a, Yemen, and Hamdan’s military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay prison. Abu Jandal and Hamdan’s personal stories—how they came to serve as Osama bin Laden’s bodyguard and driver respectively—act as prisms through which to humanize and contextualize a world the Western media demonizes. As Hamdam’s trial progresses, his military lawyers challenge fundamental flaws in the court system. As charismatic Abu Jandal dialogues with his son, Muslim students, and journalists, he generously unveils the complex evolution of his belief system since 9/11.



TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011

21.00 – 22.30
Screening: Dad Made Dirty Movies (dir. Jordan Todorov)
Presented by Martichka Bozhilova, producer of the film

Dad Made Dirty Movies

Director: Todorov Jordan
Production company: Agitprop Ltd., Filmtank GmbH, ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

Bulgaria, Germany, 2011, 57 min, Digi Beta, Creative, Entertainment, Portrait

“Dad Made Dirty Movies” chronicles the life and films of Stephen C. Apostolof (aka A. C. Stephen) – a former political prisoner, devoted Christian and family man and one of the greatest erotic filmmakers in the U.S. The film traces A. C. Stephen's escape from Communist dictatorship in Bulgaria and his journey to Hollywood where he made his American dream come true. Over the course of a film career that lasted two turbulent decades A. C. Stephen made seventeen low-brow, low budget softcore films. Today A. C. Stephen's legacy lives on, ridiculed or revered by both critics and fans alike. A. C. Stephen has taken a permanent place in the B-movie culture and is widely recognized as one of the greatest American erotic filmmakers.



12.30 – 14.00
Lecture: Carmen Cobos

Introduction into Budgeting - Co-production with broadcasters, budget for co-production between production companies, film budget in relation to the financial plan.

21.00 – 22.30
Screening: You Don't Like the Truth: Four Days Inside Guantanamo (dir. Luc Côté & Patricio Henriquez, Canada, 2010)
Presented by Hedda van Gennep

You Don't Like the Truth: Four Days Inside Guantanamo (directed by Luc Côté & Patricio Henriquez, Canada, 2010, 100min) Stunning documentary based on security camera footage from an encounter in Guantánamo Bay prison between a team of Canadian intelligence agents and Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, then a 16-year-old detainee. Maintaining a surveillance-camera style, the film analyses the political, legal, and psychological aspects of the interrogation through interviews with Khadr’s lawyers, a psychiatrist, an investigative journalist, former Guantanamo detainees, and a former US interrogator. This unique depiction of Omar Khadr’s interrogation offers an unusual insight into a world where “the truth” itself is often negotiated.



11.15 – 12.00
Lecture: Marta Lamperová

Distribution Strategy of Creative Documentary – How to make the best packaging for your film in development / completed film / sales & distribution companies to cooperate with.

21.00 – 22.30
Screening: Georgi and the Butterflies (dir. Andrey Paounov, Bulgaria, 2004)
Presented by the film’s director Andrey Paounov

Georgi and the Butterflies

Director: Paounov Andrey
Production company: Agitprop Ltd.

Bulgaria, 2004, 60 min, Creative, Health, Social Issues

This is a story full of butterflies, silk and schizophrenics, about misery, joy, optimism and compassion. As director of a home for psychologically challenged men, situated in a 16th century monastery near the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, Dr Georgi Lulchev fulfills the roles of a psychiatrist, neurologist, administrator, entrepreneur and amateur chef. Georgi's dream is to create a farm in the yard of the Home, where his troubled patients can raise snails, ostriches and pheasants, and produce silk fibres and soy bread. In a country where 80% of the population live in poverty, every day is marked by the struggle to survive. To overcome the shortage of funds, Dr Georgi Lulchev has devised myriad money-making schemes. Over the last 15 years, he has tried to implement some very unconventional business ideas, often with little success. But always he has resumed his efforts with unflagging enthusiasm.



FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011

10.30 – 12.00, 12.30 – 14.00, 16.00 – 17.30, 18.00 – 19.00
Intensive Module: Dr. Stefan Rűll

Legal Issues of International Co-production


21.00 – 22.30
Screening: NonStop (dir. Jan Gogola, ČR, 1998)
Presented by the film’s director Jan Gogola


Director: Gogola ml. Jan
Producer: Hanzal David
Production company: FAMU - Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

NonStop , Czech Republic, 1998, 94 min, Creative, Personal View

People chosen at random along the Prague-Brno highway contemplate the infinity and the begginning of the universe... A cook and other random travellers agree that nothing is ever lost, everything simply goes through transformations, and the world flows by "nonstop".



20.30 – 22.30
Screening: Virginity (dir. Vitaly Manskiy, Russia, 2008)
Presented by the film’s director Vitaly Manskiy


Director: Manskiy Vitaly
Production company: Studio Vertov

Devstvennost (Девственность) , Russia, 2008, 86 min, 35 mm, Society

Three young women, who each have a sought-after commodity - their virginity. Kristina, Karina and Katya each try to make their way in a world ruled by fame, popularity and money. Kristina auditions for a reality TV show, Karina wants to take Madonna's place and Katya is simply looking for a fair price for her virginity on the internet.



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