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Session One Is Over: See You in June!

The first session of the 2011 Ex Oriente Film took place March 12 - 18, 2011 in Prague and Roztoky u Prahy. A strong lineup of tutors helped 14 documentary projects to navigate the treacherous waters of early film development. The programme included seminars at Documentary Campus / One World, master classes, case studies, as well as documentary screenings.


March 12 - 18, 2011
Prague, Roztoky u Prahy / Czech Republic

Get a quick overview of all 14 documentary projects that attend this year's Ex Oriente Film.

During the first session, we had the pleasure of hosting the following tutors:

Marijke Rawie - Expert consultant, Ex Oriente Film head tutor, The Netherlands // Mikael Opstrup - EDN Head of Studies, Ex Oriente Film head tutor, Denmark // Jean-Pierre Rehm - FIDMarseille Director, France // Arik Bernstein - Producer, Alma Films, Israel // Erez Laufer - Editor, director, Israel // Oli Harbottle - Head of Distribution, Dogwoof, United Kingdom // Martin Kollar - Photographer, cinematographer, Slovakia // Miroslav Janek - Director, cinematographer, Czech Republic // Filip Remunda - Director, producer, Czech Republic

See photos from the EOF here.

Here's a quick summary of the open programme (March 14 - 18, 2011, Roztoky u Prahy, CZE): On Monday, producer Jiří Konečný and director Jakub Hejna attended the screening of Theatre Svoboda and received feedback from the audience in a long Q&A.

Returning to our workshop for the second time, on Tuesday morning FIDMarseille director Jean-Pierre Rehm discussed different ways of seeing and blindness within film, with excerpts from several remarkable films, and in the end reintroduced simple joy to the conference room.

On Tuesday night, Oli Harbottle of Dogwoof stirred up a debate over the Academy Award nominee Restrepo and presented an exhaustive case study on the phenomenal success of his company and the Restrepo marketing campaign strategies.

Renowned Israeli producer Arik Bernstein of Alma Films had Wednesday morning to outline the difficulties surrounding the 2008 project Gaza Sderot as he looks to repeat the success of the online series in different context but within a similar format. On Wednesday night, Jean-Pierre Rehm introduced the screening of The Dubai in Me by German musician and filmmaker Christian von Borries.

On Thursday, Israeli editor and filmmaker Erez Laufer enlightened audiences on the dramatic structure of documentaries, analyzed details from his work on the Academy Award nominated My Country My Country and treated us to intriguing film excerpts. Around noon, Arik Bernstein introduced the screening of Unmistaken Child by Nati Baratz.

Finally, the last day of the workshop was dedicated to the visual style in documentary film as shot and photographed by photographer/cinematographer Martin Kollar. Mr Kollar commented on some of his astounding photography projects and shared details from the production of Peter Kerekes's Cooking History.

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A note to all Ex Oriente Film participants: Please go to the Participant Zone to get in touch with the tutors and other EOF participants.

The 2nd session of Ex Oriente Film will take place mid-June, exact dates and location will be confirmed soon.


Ivana Pauerová Miloševičová