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Beyond the Mountains

Croatia, Georgia, Creative
A documentary film about the everyday life of refugees in Georgia, who escaped from the war in Grozny. The sphere of the story is Pankisi Gorge in Georgia, the neighbouring country of Chechnya, where hundreds of Chechen refugees run for shelter. There will be one main protagonist - Musa, a singer who tries to pass on the knowledge of the Chechen music; the everyday life of Musa’s family will be the central narration of the film. The central moment in the film is to describe the life of the children who live here, and the film narration will incorporate their monologues as they recall scenes from the past or speak about their future plans and dreams. The film’s structure will be small vignettes, small episodes of the children’s lives in Duisi primary school. At the beginning of each episode their name will be shown, which they will write with white chalk on a blackboard and introduce themselves. They tell us in their own way of their pain, joy and dreams...
Natia Arabuli
Siniša Juričić, Natia Arabuli
Nukleus Film Medulićeva 6
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 148 465 56
+385 148 465 56

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