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The Domino Effect

Germany, Poland, 52 min, 72 min, Digi Beta, HD, Creative, Current Affairs, Politics, Social Issues, Society
The story of true love in a non-existent country. Rafael – the minister of sports of and educational projects. an unrecognized country, and Natasha – a Russian opera singer, try living together in Abkhazia – a war-torn futureless country. Observing their difficult relations, we see life in a place marked by war and nationalism. The film portrays trapped people dreaming of peace, normality and happiness. When the Soviet Union was falling apart, and the whole world was celebrating the end of the communist regime, on the outskirts of the former empire were born new, till unresolved conflicts. One such place is Abkhazia, a small Caucasian republic on the shore of the Black Sea, which, as a result of a bloody civil war, broke away from Georgia. In this forgotten war ravaged place, Rafael and Natasha are beginning their life together. He is the minister of sport in this politically unrecognised country, she is a Russian opera singer. For Rafael, Natasha left her husband and daughter back in Russia, she also interrupted her career. Full of hope and enthusiasm, she came to Abkhazia, where she now teaches singing at a decaying cultural centre. Rafael is currently preparing the first international sporting event in the history of the republic — the domino world championships. Many citizens of this country place great hope in this event. However, the fate of Abkhazia is as uncertain as the relationship between the two main characters. After a brief period of fascination, Natasha is beginning to see Abkhazia as a country of closed and unfriendly people. Because of her nationality, she feels a stranger here; she feels excluded, even Rafael’s family makes it clear for her. Natasha would like to go back to Russia, but Rafael cannot imagine living outside his homeland. Such a trip would mean capitulation, abandoning the dream of a free and independent Abkhazia, and all his sacrifice and the horrors he experienced in the war would have been in vain. When Natasha gets pregnant, they both look forward to the birth of a child,and perhaps ultimately it will not matter whether their son will be Russian or Abkhazian. The film portrays a couple of exceptional characters facing a difficult decision — whether to stay in their past, or to take a chance on an uncertain future together, against all odds.
Piotr Rosolowski, Elwira Niewiera
Anna Wydra
Co Producer:
Ann Carolin Renninger
Original idea:
Piotr Rosolowski, Elwira Niewiera
Piotr Rosolowski, Elwira Niewiera, Tamara Trampe, Bartek Konopka
Director of photography:
Piotr Rosolowski
Karoline Schulz
Marcin Lenarczyk
Abkhaz, Russian
Otter Films (Production company) Ludowa 21/1
26-600 Radom, Poland
+48 609 841 445
Zero One Film GmbH (Coproduction company) Lehrter Strasse 57
D-10 557 Berlin , Germany
+49 303 906 630
+49 303 945 834
Polish Audiovisual Center Fund,
European Cultural Foundation Mobility Fund

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