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Naked Island

Three generations and six decades ago a young man disappeared for four years. During this time both him and his family suffered wounds that broke them for years. This young man was my grandfather, and his family is my family. For decades the subject of grandfather’s prison days remained taboo. Our family was built on screaming pain hidden under the veil of silence. With the fall of communism we learned that my grandfather was interned in the Gulag-like camp Goli Otok (Naked Island). Last year a group of our close family friends appeared in a newspaper, and the headline read - Naked Island survivors speak out for the first time. Through grandpa’s fellow inmates, members of our family and sealed archives I am able to find a connection to my grandfather which I did not have in his lifetime.

Stream of Love

Love and desire fill the minds of villagers in a Hungarian-speaking village in Transylvania, Romania, even in their old age. Time has stood still here, and although most of the inhabitants of the village are elderly, they are refreshingly young at heart. Feri, for example, is an incurable romantic. Way past his 80th birthday, he’s still making moves on the village’s 25 widows – although he claims that only two or three of them are really worth the effort. And the women speak plainly when sharing their most intimate thoughts and dreams to the camera. Stream of Love is funny, surprising and heartwarming, revealing how these tragicomic tales prove the ancient game of love and romance is still being played in this remote village.

Wellness Process trailer

Baile Herculane one of the oldest SPA resorts in Europe, where centuries ago kings and queens slipped their bodies into the healing waters, becomes a labyrinth where the low – middle class people get lost searching for „Well Being”. The city displays an old impressive architecture now degraded alongside communist hotels and treatment centers, and improvised healing water pits along the road. The documentary proposes a portrait of the nomad community formed here every summer without infrastructure to support their pursuit of wellness. They sleep in tents, caravans or cars. Small entrepreneurs rise in this community becoming mentors, masseurs and healers. The motley crowd in the improvised pools is in strong contrast with the semi-functional treatment centers and the apathy inside the hotels. The main character Aurel Ungureanu (Relu – 70 years) is an ex-train conductor nowadays a seasonal physiotherapist here, combining different massage techniques and Hata Yoga therapy. Dumitru Lungu (Nea Mitica – 55 years) an ex-miner reinvented himself as a masseur in one of the improvised water pits on the roadside, and also a spiritual guide. He’s been Relu’s main competitor for 15 years. Everything peaks with their attending the first edition of a massage contest organized by the mayor house, where Relu wants to prove himself, to Mitica and the whole community that he is the best physiotherapist. A micro universe of a society in perpetual transition in which people decide according to their own notion of wellness in lack of a social system that offers recipes.

The Caravans of the Last Vagabond Gypsies

Little known and unloved in Europe, vagabond gypsies consider themselves to be Children of God, happy to live under the open sky. Their mobility is part of a traditional culture that is seemingly simple and carefree. However, real life is harsh for them. Nevertheless, vagabond gypsies have strong faith and believe in giving. This film bears witness to their spirituality, and the beauty and simplicity of their life.

The Happy Ending Story

Natalya lives alone with her own son and one foster daughter. She needs to bring herself water from the spring - it's far away and there is so much snow on her way. But she doesn't yield - she is going adopt another little orphan girl and find herself a new husband on the internet. She dreams to get water and washing-machine in house, to get a car from Russian President, to take more foster children, to find a new husband… A tall order? It seems all you need to do is to want it badly…

Nikola Tesla - Visionary of Modern Times

Lawnswood Gardens

A portrait of the world's renown sociologist Zygmunt Bauman during a four day visit in his Leeds home, combined with the exploration of links between his scholarly work Modernity and the Holocaust and Winter in the Morning, a Warsaw ghetto memoir by his late wife, Janina Bauman.

Ivan and Ivana

After the Kosovo war devastated a young couple's homeland and their dreams for a normal life, they set out unexpectedly from the Balkans on a wild journey to rebuild their lives anew in America. Arriving in California amidst the peak of a housing boom that would burst soon, the film reveals their trials and tribulations over five years of turbulent economic, political and personal tides, presenting an unorthodox depiction of the American immigrant experience.

Two of us

This documentary is meant to open a window, overcoming prejudice and intolerance, into the lives of Cristi and George, two young men whose only “crime” is that they are deeply in love...

Chthonian City

When laying the foundations of Odessa in 1794, the builders begun to cut stone right from beneath the ground to obtain building material. The excavations went on until the 1960s, with no scheduling and coordination, hence what remains now is a labyrinth strecheing over tha area of 2000 km... In the 19th century, workers left peculiar drawings and inscriptions on many underground walls, nowadays seen as a vivid relicts of their lives. Caves under houses were used as cellars or depots for contraband goods. In the wartime the catacombs gave shelter to civilians, partisans and deserters. Today, the most frequent visitors are speleologists and adventurers. The film Chthonian City depicts presents these situations with the use of video, revelations of people who tell about the catacombs through hand-drawn animation, and miners’ drawings found in the labyrinth.


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