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Them, Us and Skitskoj /A Dialogue in the Editing Room/

The island Skitskoj is located on the North European patr of Russia, in an inaccessible forest on Pizma River, in the Pechora river basin. The Old Believers' community lives there - hidden from civilization and the surrounding world of changes. The documentary traces the progress of the transforming relationship between the Old Believers and us - the filmmakers. The very central point of the film is this Meeting. The documentary joins two stories together - the "dramatic" meeting which happened on the Skitskoj island, and the calm inner "meeting" after the return - during the "dialogue in the editing room" while finishing the film. It is a film about inner barriers, "islands" - isolation, fear and prejudices - on both banks, inside us and inside them. It is a story about the effort to build a common joining "bridge".

Oleg Kulik - Challenge and Provocation

The Kiev-born artist Oleg Kulik made his first major appearance in Western Europe when he delivered his "Reservoir Dog" performance outside the Kunsthaus Zurich in 1995. On the opening day of a major exhibition, he chained himself stark naked outside the museum. Barking and sniffing like a dog, he bit the guests as they arrived and defecated on the public square - until the police arrived and arrested him. Since then, Kulik has appeared in many other towns, often imitating animals, but also with shows of his photographs, sculptures and installations. Working with interviews and archive footage, OLEG KULIK - CHALLENGE AND PROVOCATION provides an insight into the life and work of this controversial contemporary artist.

Jolly Old Farts

Portrait of two old-school cinema guys, whose joy of life is fuelled by constant rivalry and copious amounts of alcohol.

We and Matterhorn, Matterhorn and We

This documentary film make us acquainted with situation of Czech expatriates in Switzerland, where a part of our inhabitants took to in 1968.

New Kaisertal City

Kaisertal is the last inhabited valley in Tyrol not connected by road to the rest of the world. The opening of a tunnel is about to bring change to the hitherto idyllic way of life there. In the short documentary satire, the young Austrian director and scriptwriter Melanie Hollaus plays with her compatriots’ racial prejudices via a utopian vision of the future in Kaisertal valley. The statements of African and Asian immigrants alternate with the long takes of the mountainous landscape, blending, as the film progresses, into stereotype-breaking images of an ideal society without racial discriminations, where also the dark-skinned children yodel. The extremely deep focus of a digital camera establishes contact between the people in the foreground and the pristine nature in the background, while Hollaus’ directing covers a whole range, from the amateurishly documentary to the theatrically exaggerated film. A short film with a big social message. „New Kaisertal City" should be seen as a political comment on the situation of immigrants in Tyrol.

Songs from the Tundra

"Songs from the Tundra" is a lyric journey through the awkward modernity of the Even people of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia's most remote frontier. The film unfolds in a series of native Even songs belonging to a forgotten generation. As they sing of hunters and herders, the Evens attempt to recreate their mythic past in a reindeer camp at the foot of the Alney volcano. But hearth alone cannot be home. The Evens must leave their reindeer on a truly fearsome beast.

Sentenced for Life

Moving documentary about imprisoned women. Each of these women has her own story, but they are connected by this place, they spend part of their lives behind the bars, sometimes prison becomes their home. They all dream of freedom, men, new lives. The film shows them in the moment when the prison ward is the whole world. But filled with talks of freedom, past and future. Freedom is a main subject: discussed with hope and anxiety. They are afraid of returning to their lives outside. This film shows ordinary women, who support each other and together count down the time until freedom. We are allowed to watch their everyday life, joy, sorrow and dreams.

Talking with Nature, Talking with Tesla

The film deals with the approaches of today's inventors influenced directly by Nikola Tesla. Difficulties, lack of understanding by the society and the establishment refract through their life experiences equalling them with the destiny of Nikola Tesla. The film deals with questions: does the path in which are engaged inventors, who should bring responses to crucial questions of the civilisation, always carry with itself the incomprehension of the society? Is the society still not ready for inventions that lead to a completely new level of the civilisation? Have the reserves of useful energetic resources that man takes out of the nature reached their final stage?Has the man of today forgotten how to talk to the nature?


„Bocznica" is a film about people united by a specific and a bit forgotten form of spending free time - train holidays. We meet people of different age - a child, youth and also elderly people.Scenes of their holidays form a mosaic of different characters and memoirs. Situations and dialogues which seem to be insignificant, illustrate a human being's struggle in life. The pictures were taken in Hel - the last wagon town of this kind in Poland. The motif of road in this document is a metaphor of life and passing of time.„Bocznica" is a cordial, sometimes funny and touching film. It's a film about the colours of life, which turns out to be only a short stop, a moment, a side track…

New Wave of Romanian Cinema

This documentary is a dive into the new Romanian cinema produced since 2001.An effervescence due to a new generation of filmmakers which set the basis of a percussive production whose films inflamed, year after year, the international film festivals, winning numerous prizes, until the supreme coronation: the Palm d'Or in Cannes, May 2007.


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