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Founded in 2001, INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of Central and East European creative documentary film and its wider promotion.

We work closely with Central and East European film directors and producers and provide in-depth development support for their projects as well as international promotion.

We also work with key international festivals, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, markets, film institutions, film schools, MEDIA Desks, training programmes, national film centres and various film portals, and serve as the GATEWAY TO EAST EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM – an indispensable source of documentary projects and films from Central and Eastern Europe.


Recycling tries to find a solution to the problems caused by the extreme amount of rubbish flooding our world. We follow the way of the consumer products from the origins through the using, until the destruction or storing of the non-recyclable ones. Recycling represents the industrial production as a huge organism in continuous circulation. We show how we can be in connection through the production and the consumption without noticing each other. The way of the consumer goods, produced in shocking quantity from day to day, come to light through expressive pictures and industrial poetry.

Milltown, Montana

Time inscribes itself into Rainer Komers' meticulously composed images and impressive sound collages of MILLTOWN, MONTANA. Each picture tells a story of a place that once belonged to the largest mining area in the United States that was contaminated by toxic substances and heavy metals. But the film does not only show the devastated landscape. Without dialogue, it sensitively portraits the people living and working there: cowboys branding their calves, Blackfeet Indians laying down the foundation stone for a new educational center, trappers and golfers, workers in a silicium plant, old miners, and young scholars competing in a mining contest.MILLTOWN, MONTANA is visibly scarred by man and trapped in a postindustrial phase of standstill. By alluding to its former wealth but showing the area's actual lack ofprospects, the film dramatically undermines the image of the American Dream.


You take out a loan and then have to pay several times over the loaned sum or you lose your house for a few thousand or you find yourself in debt for the rest of your life. Chang the rapper talks about "Shitcredit". Taking a glimpse into the workings of the system, this film follows the stories of people who are in debt owing to their own bad decision making but also those who are the victims of loan sharks in the poorly regulated loan market.

Viva Constanţa!

Tudor Lakatos is a 40-year-old Gipsy teacher in the ghetto of Somcuta, in the northern region of Romania, who wants to become famous as an Elvis Presley imitator. He translates most of the King's songs into the Gipsy language. One day, under the name of Elvis Romano (Gipsy Elvis), he sets off to the port city of Constanţa to try his luck with popularizing this kind of music, rock and rrom (Gipsy rock).

It Is Called Georgia

"It is Called Georgia" describes the years that followed the Rose Revolution and the problems that led to the mass demonstrations, one of which was dispelled on the 7th of November 2007.


The old man found a swallow, fallen out of its nest, and made up his mind to raise it. Three times a day he would feed it with worms from over-ripe cherries. A few months later, the swallow became so bound to the old man that it stood on his shoulder while he was walking through the village, or it would fly down to his astrakhan cap while he was digging his corn. Autumn arrived and the old man became frightened that the swallow would not fly to the South because of its devoted love for him. He decided to save money and to take the swallow to the seaside...

Where we are

"Where we are!" Poetic essay from the region of Central Slovakia is portraying picturesqueness of this mountainous land with its roman and gothic architecture captured by camera and paintbrush. Snapshot evokes senseof purity and simple beauty that is echoed with intact natural scenery, romantic historical sites and characters. On the contrary, shots from contemporary slovak town of Banská Bystrica, cultural and business center of the region, act somehow it were not corresponding to the long-life nature of the place. Random chaplain is commenting on value of arts and life. The whole atmosphere of the snapshot is underlined by music.

Joe Goes To Serbia

It's the fourth summer in a row that Josef Arone from San Francisco comes to Serbia. He makes street-performances as Joe Mama the Clown and from July until September, over the countryside and around the capital - from the trumpet festival to the war zone - he is on a mission to spread joy. Joe parties wherever he can, but his idea of joy is more profound. He wants to share it, especially in the areas where people forgot it. Enter the world where a stranger is just a friend that you have not met yet!

Who Wants to Kill Ashley?

A superficial little probe into the big superficial world of the Czech porn industry. – Department of documentary film, FAMU – 2nd year (auteur portrait).


The Table is a performance/music documentary about four men who play on tables. With sticks, bowls, knives, hands and a mixing desk, the Karibo Crew play on a specially designed table - a wooden instrument with unique acoustic qualities. It`s a piece of furniture with soul, sensitive to the slightest touch and uniquely resonating. Their music has been played across six continents to great acclaim.


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