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German blood

Lyubov Kostina was born in the concentration camp of Schweinemünde city. There is German blood in her veins. Her mother felt bitterness towards fascism and Stalin's concentration camps. Her grandma reared little Lyuba. And nobody in school or at home loved the girl because it was known that there is a German blood in her veins, and she is fascist's daughter, therefore she is a fascist. This is devoted to children who are victims of war.

Focal Distance

A lonely, aging photographer lives in a little town where the traces of the communist era are well-preserved. Love, loneliness, senility, sadness, tiredness, memory, reminiscences, offence… Life becomes black and white when the end is closer, when colors bleach; paper turns yellow and only in the memory faces and smiles are still bright and varied in colors.


Images of Fear, against Fear. Fear blots out the present. It feeds on a past that spills uncontrollably into the present and takes possession of the future. Vanquishing this fear by eliminating past and future is the promise of the Big Brother state. This promise is contrived to legitimise the constant observation of public space, which turns the dream of a carefree existence and an isolated present into a nightmare reality.Manu Luksch employs the vocabulary of science-fiction film to draw us into this nightmare. Crucially, she uses only images obtained from the operators of CCTV video-surveillance systems in London, under the terms of a British law governing access to data. In a mirror image of the failed act of liberation that the trauma of this realization incites, Faceless succeeds in traumatizing its viewers by means of an equally atmospheric and weirdly illuminated metanarrative - that of a society whose self-understanding is occluded by its dazzling media hyperpresence.


"Goldfish" is a film about the colourful everyday lives of a group of mentally handicapped people. The film follows the group as they prepare to put on a production of "The Tale of the Goldfish", an adaptation of a work by Alexander Pushkin. They take part in the rehearsals for the play, which will be performed in the theatre in Krakow, Poland. This is a story about simple dreams that may come true. Kamil wants to have lift licence and learns to operate lift by himself. Michal tries to make his dream come true every day by trying to create as much cleaning work as possible, but the truth is that his passion are horses. He dreams to go to them. Marek's television has bad reception so he wants a new antenna. Witek - lazy boy, after trying out different jobs, becomes a porter because it doesn't demand much.

Headwind Hall

The world renowned Estonian conductor Tonu Kaljuste, the favourite of composer Arvo Pärt, wants to build an opera house called Nargen Opera on Naissaar, an island, which not long ago was a closed Soviet military base, does not have a regular ferry line, no electricity and has only one permanent resident. Against the odds and the opposition of the financial world, he wants to establish a unique cultural centre, where traditions and modern times meet. To put his idea into practice, he brings operas on stage on the mainland to raise money from the ticket sales, and carries construction materials and other necessities to the island in his own small boat. Along the way, he faces unexpected difficulties and finds himself in almost absurd situations.

Happy Nastunya

Our hero, as they say, is an ordinary country girl who was brought up in traditions of love for God, love for people, love for Ukraine. Nastunya's parents died when she was a little girl. When she was 16 she entered URA (Ukrainian Rebel Army) and witnessed the murder of her husband. In 1945 - her was arrested and delivered a child on the concrete floor in prison. In Siberia in 1953 she faced uprisings, tortures, the electric chair, paralysis… What helped her to survive in such a terrible Gulag world? Maybe it is the art of giving warmth and kindness to other people…


A little fragment of our reality in Georgia. Dumili is a film about unemployed people and their hopes and disappointments.

Genius Children

Direction: Iceland

Three women - grandmother, mother and daughter - go to Iceland to find the grave of the Grandmother's father who died during the 2nd World War. Discovering Iceland makes them learn more about themselves and changes their relationship.

Granny Teri

Granny Teri is about to go. She's in the state between life and death where she floats between dreams and reality. Her daughter, Paula, is in her sixties and has been taking care of her mother - serving, washing and changing her diapers for two years. Although Granny is not well in her mind, she expresses her very wise and heartbreaking thoughts. Are these coded messages newly founded, or have they been hiding deep inside her from the past? It is like a philosopher's dream, then silence comes again and with it, hallucination. Untill, at last, comes death.


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