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Founded in 2001, the INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of East European documentary films and their wider promotion. Our activities support filmmakers through all stages of completion – development, funding, production, post-production, and distribution. We aim at individual filmmakers (tailored consultations), groups of carefully selected professionals with projects or films (Ex Oriente Film, East European Forum, East Silver, Doc Launch, etc.), broader professional community (East Doc Platform), as well as the general public (portal We closely work with key int. festivals, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, markets, or training initiatives and serve as the GATEWAY TO EAST EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM.

Behind the Iron Gate

The film portrays everyday life in the communist era housing estate Za Zelazna Brama (‘Behind the Iron Gate’). The housing estate was built by a team of architects between 1965-1972 in the center of Warsaw on the ruins of the so-called Small Ghetto. The 19 blocks, each 16 floors high, are based on modern rational principles. They were occupied by workers, functionaries, academics and the Warsaw intelligentsia. In the 1970s the housing estate was considered a symbol of Polish socialist prosperity and technological progress. Today the small apartments are regarded by many as substandard and an unpleasant reminder of the communist era. Since 1989 many post-modern apartment buildings, office towers and hotels are being built in between the blocks, destroying green areas and the original lay-out of the housing estate.

Farewell Quay

Tales of departures and partings intersect at Steubenhöft quay – the forgotten port of European emigration. The quay is almost not of this earth, a final terminus and a starting point for the transit voyages to the United States and Canada. The filmmaker traverses this place of countless farewells in images full of longing. Situated on the German North Sea coast, it is the only still-operating, former emigration harbour in the world. Stories told by the people there, travellers after the turn of the century, and emigrants during the war awake the place to new life.

Children of Karosta

“Children of Karosta” tells a story of Viktorija’s family, living in a former Soviet military base in Latvia – Karosta. The surrounding environment, its isolation and the national economic situation has put these people under the test of survival.

The Home

On the black earth of Germany's agricultural heartland stands a medieval castle. Upstairs live seven teenagers and their carers. The boundaries of life are school and chatroom, clandestine date and job interview. We see a year pass and the world grows with us. This is a film about finding your place in this world, in this time. And, inevitably, about carrying the burdens parents can lay on us.

The Man with 150. 000 USD Prize on his Head

A portrait of Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist of Latvian ancestry, a university professor, a sculptor, provocateur, scandal-maker and State Secretary of his own micro-nation of LADONIA and lecturer on art theory in Sweden. He is the only Swede and the only Latvian to have a price of $ 100 000 put on his head. But perhaps his creative and intellectual powers are worth much more?

Lithuanian Gene

Recent geological and archeological surveys of our territory and genetic studies of the population facilitate a deeper understanding of the Lithuanian nation formation. The interface of sciences gives rise to a new hypothesis of the Lithuanians' origin, temper, and genetic characteristics, which predetermine the traits of character and hereditary diseases. Based on such genetic information, scientists can be more specific in establishing how nations used to migrate around the world, while health professionals can diagnose hereditary diseases and disease risks more efficiently.


Natascha lives in Uniza, she is 8 years old. Most of the windows of the house, where she lives, are nailed shut, except for one room with four iron beds, a chest of drawers and many cardboard boxes. One of these boxes keeps Natasha's clothes. Just now she put on her prettiest dress. She is open minded, chats away frankly and unintentionally. But what she says affects you in an unexpected way. Natascha is an experimental documentary, slowly evolving the portrait of a girl, who lives in one of the most desolate parts of Russia.

You Are Not Alone...

May 2008, Hargita In Székely County the election campaign is in full swing. Politicians come and go. The people stay.

Nora Is Still Alive

Nora loves wasps and hates piano music. And Nora is going to die soon. This is what the doctors say, but Nora just seems to stay alive – despite her physical and mental disabilities, she now became 30, outliving her loving mother and grandmother. She has never realized their death – her brother, however, makes a film about the loss and turns out to be closer to his sister than he realizes himself. Spanning a time of five years, this 70 minute portrait traces the dramatic changes in this once lively family as Nora’s cheerful character remains unaware of all and ever the same happy.

All Boys

"All Boys" tells the story of the rise and demise of the gay porn brand in the Czech Republic of the mid-1990s. The film focuses on the lives of producer Dan Komar and his young models, expecially a young homeless boy Ruda. The film is about human relationships in the gay porn business and about the production and consumption of porn. "All Boys" shows ambivalent, weird, great and complex moments of human life. The young men’s illusions about future meet the fantasies of their seniors. We are all human. We are all exploiting others and being exploited in the money-driven market economy. Even consumers are voluntary or involuntary members in the club of exploitation.


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