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Adina galerie

Ada Raichonak and her husband Aleh are an aged couple of farmers. Most of their neighbors are still forced to work in kolkhoz. But the life of farmers in Belarus is not much easier. Working hard at the farm, Ada founded an art gallery in her village and organizes summer art workshops for painters who come from all over the country. The film will tell about collisions between the artists who hate authoritarian regime which makes Belarus the "last dictatorship in Europe", the peasants who are influenced by populist propaganda of the authorities and Ada who tries to reconcile all of them with the help of the 'magic power of art…' The village of Germanovichy is situated in a very beautiful place, but it seems that the atmosphere there is saturated with spite, aggression and despair. Like in 19 th century the people live mostly in old wooden houses without running water. They use horses for transportation and for cultivation their small pieces of land. There is no private property for land and people are forced to work in kolkhozes. Those who are trying to organize the farmer business are treated badly by the authorities. The life of both farmers and kolkhoz workers is very hard. More and more people die of alcoholism. But there are people who don’t give up. Our film will tell about Ada Rajchonak, the wife of farmer Aleg, who is trying, in defiance of the authorities, to show the beauty of Art to her neighbors, to tell them about the history of their land, to organize them to vote for democratic changes during the elections.

Bahrtalo! Good Luck!

How to hit the Jackpot? This question is not a simple one to answer for anybody. But it's even harder to solve for the two friends in this neo-realistic comedy: the "big hat" Gypsy and his Hungarian buddy - both of them Transylvanians. Many times they don't succeed, but when they do, their success doesn't last long. Yet they know something not a lot of us know: how to enjoy life. A road movie about two Transylvanian friends, Lali and Lori, who will stop at nothing to make it big. Director Róbert Lakatos follows the two men on a hilarious and pointless trip to Austria, and later when they end up in Egypt to sell a German Shepherd. The charismatic Lali negotiates on everything, even stuff that's nailed down, revealing his Eastern European bravura but also his flair. No setback will deter him, no matter how big. When the men finally have their finances in order, they quickly lose all their money on senseless knickknacks. Lakatos sets up the situations, but the men play themselves. Clad in an enormous moustache and hat, Lali doesn't take the slightest notice of the ways of the world and always manages to talk his way in. From a Viennese flea market to the foot of the pyramids, Lali might drive Lori crazy, but the friendship between the two men remains intact. Lakatos illustrates the differences between East and West in a relaxed and playful manner. His camera documents the events without interruptions, as if they were scenes from a feature film.

Bartok's Requiem

Bartók's Requiem travels to the most remote villages of Transylvania in the footsteps of the famous composer, Béla Bartók. Like Bartók, who at the beginning of the 20th Century documented his surroundings with the help of a phonograph, film director Jan N. Lorenzen uses a camera and a microphone to capture the traditional culture of the village inhabitants, before it's lost forever.

About Water

About Water is Austrian director Udo Maurer's new documentary film which tells the three-part story of the element, water, and its significance to human existence in three different parts of the world. A seemingly mundane 'given' - so often taken for granted - thus becomes a gripping and forthright tale of daily struggle and survival. In spite of water. Without water. With water. From the floods and inundation in the Bangladeshi Brahmaputra delta, to the daily each-man-for-himself battle over a few jerrycans of clean water in Kibera, Nairobi's biggest slum. About Water is a documentary Lehrstück that attempts to throw some questions, doubts and ideas at our views on water, which most of us take for granted and hardly ever challenge.

Beyond the Wall

A confined walking zone, a bitter meal, and a job at the tailor's shop. A daily intake of medicines consumed under the watchful eye of the medical staff. A cell crowded to the capacity - a day like any other. Without needless words, this film is a moving story of Russian prisoners sent to a psychiatric prison hospital to serve the duration of their sentence.

Bohemia Docta or The Labyrinth of the World and the Lusthaus of the Heart (A Divine Comedy)

The portrait of Czech "national character and soul" is based on major works from Czech and world culture as well as the large cycle "Slavic Epopee" by Alphonse Mucha. It is the third part of Karel Vachek's tetralogy Little Capitalist, a reflection on the social and spiritual processes taking place in Czech culture. The film raises questions about the future of Czech society as well as individual lives.

Aral - Death of a Sea

The Aral Sea was once the fourth inland sea in the world, with a flourishing fishing industry. In the 60's, with a need to increase the cotton production, the Soviet government decided to change the direction of the rivers that fed the sea to the direction of the cotton fields. This led to what has become one of the biggest ecological tragedies of the 20th century, with the sea decreasing to a fourth of its original size over a span of 30 years. Many of the people left the surrounding region to look for a better future. This film is a portrait of those inhabitabts who stayed and their recollections.

Above Pavements

A poetic portrait of a young musican. A record of the inner world of an 18-year-old pianist who goes to Warsaw to find his master.


Ałła wants to become a ballet dancer very much. It is her yet another attempt to be admitted to the famous Russian Waganowa Ballet Academy in Sant Petersburg. Entrance exams are extremely difficult for her. Ałła needs to practice more to lengthen her legs since her proportions are not correct. 52% is an ideal ratio of legs to height. The film was made during the second edition of the project Russia - Poland. New Gaze.

Up to Silence

A movie about three big spanish celebrations (La Tomatina, San Fermin and drumming in Calanda), conceived as a stylized parable of war, killing and death. It is difficult to determine if it's really a document in the right meaning of the word. There are no juicy comments, catchy introducions or authentic interviews with the people. Only picture and sound. Nothing else.


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