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Founded in 2001, the INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (IDF) is a non-profit training and networking centre based in Prague, Czech Republic, focused on the support of East European documentary films and their wider promotion. Our activities support filmmakers through all stages of completion – development, funding, production, post-production, and distribution. We aim at individual filmmakers (tailored consultations), groups of carefully selected professionals with projects or films (Ex Oriente Film, East European Forum, East Silver, Doc Launch, etc.), broader professional community (East Doc Platform), as well as the general public (portal We closely work with key int. festivals, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, markets, or training initiatives and serve as the GATEWAY TO EAST EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY FILM.

Nowhere Blues

Far, far away, in a small town beyond distant mountains and an enormous forest, Warkocz is trapped. Only Great Love can release him. While waiting patiently for It to come, Warkocz is combing his long beard which houses all his powers...


Since 1963 in the Soviet Union the heroine of the film participates in a series of nude-art photography sessions every next 10 years. Like others write diaries - the heroine of our film memorializes her life in nude-art photos. In a delicate yet existentially sharp manner by participating in the fifth photo session the film reveals a lifetime of a woman.


Can silent faces tell stories of horror that these people have gone through… "Speechless" is an experiment with human faces. It is an attempt to tell the story of the tragedy that cannot be expressed through words or dramatic images. Or it might be just a silent space to think about personal accounts of the 5 days of Georgian-Russian war of August, 2008.


The story of a girl, who had grown up behind the Iron Curtain and escaped to the West, sums up the lives of many people who lived “the experiment”. This girl is a fantasy character, played and narrated by an actor and she appears in an animated sequence interspersed throughout the film. She is chased by a cartoon character called Beast. The Beast is a graphic metaphor of all common ideas and clichés about communism, positive or negative. The real live characters in our film are two groups who lead a debate - on one side those who lived under the regime – Cubans, Bulgarians, Russians, Hungarians, and on the other, westerners – British and Germans, who still romanticize about it. Indeed what is Communism - an aspirational idea or a menacing dictatorship?

Aphocalypse Now

Short Long Journey

" About people, not only about Jews, about the evil in us, not only about the holocaust,about the present not only about the past" In April 1945 Vojtech Gál was murdered on the way from Sachsenhausen to Schwerin. In April 2008 his son walked the same route in an attempt to find his father's grave and leave a testimony. He was accompanied by friends, film makers and fellow pilgrims. They did not understand everything they came across. They could not comprehend some of the people with whom they talked. But it never occurred to them even for a moment that they were travelling without aim and meaning. They give harsh personal witness of their journey, anticipating neither agreement nor tolerance.

Football Father

Marcin works as a masseur in a soccer club. Instead of going to the match with the team, he prefers the risky way of getting there with the hooligans. Although he is blind himself, he starts taking his partially sighted son with him.

For Freedom

Documentary about the unsuccesful revolution in Belarus during the presidential election in 2006.

Extraordinary Adventures of Diego Diegovich in the Land of the Bolsheviks

The fate of Mexican painter and muralist Diego Rivera is connected to Russia in a number of ways: Russian painters Angelina Belova and Maria Vorobyova-Stebelskaya gave birth to his children; he was Trotsky's long-time friend; he joined the Communist Party for several years; and he was in friendly relations with major figures of the young Soviet art movement, such as Eisenstein, Mayakovsky, Erenburg. Finally, Soviet Russia is where Diego Rivera came during the last years of his life with the hope of healing his cancer. This film explores the connection between the painter born in the faraway Mexican village of Guanjuato and the young Soviet state.


Even nowadays in the traditionally very family-structured and male dominated agricultural business, it is not always easy to lead a farm as a woman living without a life partner. Be it the acceptance in society or the question, how to manage all the challenging physical work, which on other farms is done by two or more people. Driving around with their tractors, handling the cattle and doing a lot of manual work, the six portrayed Austrian women farmers manage the obstacles in their lives with quite different styles.


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