In production

Home Games

Domashni Igri

« Home Games » is a feature-length documentary film, painting a crucial season in the life of Alina Shilova, a 20 years old girl from suburban Kiev, who grew up in poverty and has been saved by her passion for football.

Alina is now a professional player, but her situation remains uncertain: she had to return to live with her unsteady mother, who is not able to care about Alina’s younger siblings, Renat & Regina, 6 and 7 years old.

In September 2016, the kids are going to school for the first time, without mother support, while the football professional season starts again.

Will Alina be able to cope with everything ? Will she emancipate herself as a woman, or become a substitute for her failing mother ?

« Home Games » is a story about love and dreams, and how not to give them up, even when all the circumstances are against you.


Where the film is set ?

The film mainly takes place in Kiev, more exactly in in the « Left bank » district, separated from the city center by the Dnieper. The « Left bank » is a soviet era built neighborhood, with impressive concrete buildings and a powerful urban subculture. But our hero will also travel, from match to match, to the seaside near Odessa for a training camp, and who knows, maybe one day in Poland ?
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